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Political Organizations 1. The Youth League became an integral and active part in designing new policies and strategies. Its leading members argued that only through involvement of the masses, the white domination could be overthrown.

The ANC followed for around fifty years the strategy of peaceful, non-violent resistance. As Barber stated, the ANC tried to resist and oppose to all kinds of fascism, but they were likely to work together with the government.

Barber Together with the South African Indian Congress, the ANC launched the Defiance Campaign in against the oppressive legislative acts of the former years, mainly to oppose against the restrictive pass laws, which made the everyday living and earning much more difficult.

The campaign resulted in a high increase in Congress members from 7,The government answered the non-violent resistance through physical violation, strengthening of persistent orders and implementation of new restrictions. So the boycotts of local shops went on. Also, in support of striking workers, the products of the United Tobacco Company in Durban were boycotted and they suffered heavy losses.

Gurney The ANC, in agreement with the Congress Alliance, saw the importance of a clear statement of policy, which would be pursued through the Freedom Charter.

So over the next years the Congress of the People was busy with the evaluation of the main principles of the paper and 21 in strengthening the resistance against the implementation of the Bantu Education Act as well as the extension of pass laws to women. One example shows the persistence of the boycotters quite well.

Gurney writes about a boycott tactic used by about residents of Evaton townships, who usually went 30 miles to work in Johannesburg by bus, boycotted the bus because of too high fare tickets for a whole year, taking the much slower train.

Another example shows the citizens of Alexandra Township, where about 50, people decided to rather walk to Johannesburg, which laid around 18 miles away, than to use the busses and pay the rising fares. They did this everyday for about three month; in the government passed an act requiring all employers to make a monthly transport payment. Gurney The late s had in any case been a difficult period for the ANC.

Attempts to extend its political strategies through boycotts and workers stayaways were hampered by banning and imprisonment. The combatants included people of different professions, workers, intellectuals, students, peasants, women delegates of all different races and colors.

Basically the Charter called for a democratic state, wherein the land and the wealth of the country should be equally distributed and in the hands of the people. Police stopped the conference and confiscated all documents on the second day.

The new strategy laid the main action on ongoing boycott, but with an emphasis on economic boycott, which should become a political weapon in the country. The ANC made clear that they were against the confrontational approach of refusing to wear passes; instead the system of Apartheid should be challenged through economic and industrial boycott.

As they argued, it was not the pass restricting the people but its functioning within the system. So economic boycott was seen as the more lasting way of acting against the pass law system than to discard or burn the passes, which would be re-imposed immediately. Gurney ff. The changes of ANC, becoming a mass movement, also had impact on the internal structure of the Congress.

They stated that the ANC had become just a vehicle for white communist interests of the Congress of Democrats. There were points in the Freedom Charter that did not fit into the policies the Africanists within the movement wanted to see. So in a group, led by Robert M. Sobukwe und P.

When in the Suppression of Communism Act was passed that banned the Communist Party from political activity, it also targeted any other mass opposition to the state. In the early s, after protesting against the act, ANC office members were banned from holding a political office, like Walter Sisulu who had been the Secretary-General, Nelson Mandela as Deputy-President and Chief Albert Lutuli was restricted to Natal rural areas for a longer period.

The government declared a state of emergency and sent the armed forces into dissident areas. Although the circumstances were harshly changed, the ANC was prepared for illegal existence, they were able to maintain effective underground operation in some areas, especially in the Eastern Cape, but the strategy of non-violent actions against the state were deeply constraint through repression and banning and therefore changed the way of action.

Large numbers of cadres left the country for military training. Beinart ff. The state responded with high violence and the implementation of more oppressive laws. Assistance was also coming from the communist countries, 23 particularly from the Soviet Union.

Inat a conference, held in Tanzania the ANC defined its aims and strategy for a national revolution. When the aim was economic and political emancipation, the special role of the working class could not be left aside. Not everybody in the remaining ANC was accepting this leftward turn. State repression was intensified after Soweto, political prisoners ANC and non-ANC were killed in detention, and some opposition leaders died under mysterious circumstances like Luthuli in The capitalistic system was the one, which had to be challenged.

South Africa was both an imperialist state with a white bourgeoisie exploiting black labour for their own enrichment, and a colony, where a minority ruled over a majority along racial lines. The way to fight these two sides of the same coin, capitalist and racist imperialism was the creation of a unified revolutionary movement consisting of peasants, intellectuals, and petty bourgeoisie in alliance with conscious european workers and intellectuals. Unity could be reached by showing white workers that the color bar which protected special jobs for whites onlywas only installed to avoid an amalgamation of white and black workers against the dictate of capitalism, and therefore against the capitalistic Apartheid-state.

The existing similarities regarding the situation of workers should be emphasized, not the differences which mainly existed du e to racial differentiation and the discriminatory laws concerning this matter. The party dissolved, for it was ill prepared for underground mission. Making their reformation not publicly, the party concentrated on working within various organizations of the Congress Alliance. The South African Indian Congress Even if the indian community might not be that relevant to the Black Consciousness movement, it was an important force in anti-apartheid resistance, so it is necessary to address it here.

Political organizations within the indian community have a long history and go back to the formation of the Natal Indian Congress by Mahatma Ghandi in and its developed tactic of passive resistance had a wide impact all over the country. Acts implementing this racial law were the Pegging Act and the Ghetto Act The new leadership organized a number of passive resistance campaigns and a strike of indian workers in A completely new element was the search for amalgamation with other anti-apartheid groups, which the SA Indian Congress had refused in earlier periods.

Although the South African Indian Congress never was banned, many leaders were jailed, the work of the Congress was severely weakened and the repression against the indian population increased throughout the period, especially after the Sharpeville Massaker inwhere many young people lost their lives. To appease the indian community and to further separate them from the black group, the government installed the South African Indian Council.

In the course of the next years the ANC got involved in a lot of cooperations with other anti-apartheid organizations, which culminated in the creation of the Congress Alliance in and the adoption of the Freedom Charter. Groups of different racial background were involved merging to one multi-racial organisation.

They could not agree to cooperation with whites, even if they declared to be antigovernmental. The main point leading to a break off, were clauses of the Freedom Charter which were not in accordance to what they stand for. They were convinced that white and indian elements as well as communist influence were taking over the lead in the Congress Alliance and attacked the multi-racialism of the Congress as a whole.

Sobukwe as their new president. For PAC it was unacceptable to not recognize the different wants and needs of the different Defeat - Brownz & Blackz - Minority Coalition (CD, as for the whites could never be after the same thing as blacks were, as their initial basic position within the oppressive system was completely different. Even, if in later years, white apartheid opponents were also targeted severely by the government. Those of the ANC who are its active policy makers, maintain This was a different standpoint compared to the focus on the economic plight of african workers and african people as such.

They refused to define the oppressive system and the rescue out of this situation only in terms of economic oppression. We alone can emancipate ourselves. After all, the existence of PAC was short-lived.

In this phase of events, the police saw physical violence as the way out of the threatening situation confronting the white supremacist system. About 90 people were killed and about injured in Sharpeville alone, 28 17 people were killed, about 50 wounded in Langa. This massacre was criticized and condemned internationally, but for the blacks it was the starting point of a mass protest following the shootings of Sharpeville.

Ten thousands of african workers went on strike in Cape Town alone. People without passes were challenging the pass-system. Their military wing called Poqo, whose later name was the Azanian People Liberation Army APLAformed during the early s shortly after the ban, focused on sabotage action within South Africa to destabilize the country to provoke an uprising.

In large numbers of PAC supporters within South Africa were arrested, some of the guerilla fighters sentenced to death. This act allowed the detention of any suspicious person for a length of 90 days without trial. It also gave free operation to the Minister of Justice Voster to hold political prisoners, as long as he regarded them as a threat to the order in south african society and to extend banning orders.

The history of PAC was characterized by internal turbulences, coups and contradictory political attitudes. In sum they failed to re present a unified line of program since their formation in Their actions were aimed at conscientizing and mobilizing the black workers through Black Consciousness. They were convinced that it was essential to build up a good educational system, as well as to define religion as an element facilitating the black struggle as a means of liberation.

Black unity was inevitable in the longer run. Last but not least they fought for an equal redistribution of wealth and power to all. Its members were busy in organizing activities around important events taking place, organized by other liberation groups. One problem of AZAPO to ensure the efficiency of their political action were their internal ideological differences. The questions causing trouble within the organization were, for example, if white democrats should play a role within the liberation struggle and in which terms the class- and the national struggle were interrelated.

On the class-question however, AZAPO made their way of compromise to define all blacks as workers and all whites as part of the capitalist class, which was a quite simple way of dividing very heterogeneous interests and positions in South African society. Former BCM members who were released from jail criticized this standpoint later. AZAPO did not have an easy start, for state repression was evident from their early beginnings. Till AZAPO did not make much impact, but the moment former Robben Island political prisoners of the BCM were released, they took over the leadership, strengthening the organization's power.

Trade Unions As african employment in the big cities broadened during the post Second-World-War-era, there was a need to establish new organizations to aid the workers. Banned in their activism shifted to operate underground and in exile.

It was not possible to separate them, in order to achieve a better situation. Manifesting equality in the economic sphere like fairly paid wages as well as in the personal sphere like equal human rights were for SACTU two sides of the same coin.

This point of view made collaboration with the Congress Alliance obvious. During this campaign many workers joined the course, challenging not only the superiority of white rule, but also the system of cheap labour, which was essential for the industrial expansion after World War Two.

They were rather putting the workplace into the focus of their action than concentrating on community-based issues. So one can see that the different trade unions and councils had different ways to achieve a common aim, that of liberating the african worker explicitly, but to empower workers as a whole.

FOSATU was formed quite latecompared to others and became the first non-racial trade union federation. The membership nearly doubled from 50, in to 94, one year later. The TUACC one of the former organisation was based on shop floor organisation in multinational companies and promoted democratic control by the membership, so that independent trade unions could use Industrial Councils to achieve their interests.

But the state drafted a legislation excluding migrant and contract workers from registering. All major trade unions opposed this act but the state introduced it and added additional ways to control the workers unions.

The new registration system was a way to get some real rights within the repressive system. FOSATU was also convinced that a unified workers movement would be important, but was not yet reached. The rapid growth made the consolidation of factory floor organizations problematic but it worked well to fight against employers. Registration, they said, would be cooperation with the regime as well. SAAWU took a non-racial standpoint, and therefore analyzed the situation in South Africa according to class rather than race.

Their overall aim was the liberation of the working class, which could only be achieved through economic means. But they did not refuse to get involved into political issues as well, as for them economy and politics within this repressive system were correlated. A collective leadership should be striven for. In a second unity conference was taking place, but collapsed over the registration issue. Afterwards SAAWU, together with other unions, seemed to work for a unified union with excluding the registered unions.

So they openly fought against what they saw as hypocrisy. They described themselves as black oriented and controlled. This organization was only open to blacks and criticized other unions for their non-racial approach. CUSA grew out of the Urban Training Project UTPwhich was concerned with promoting workers to participate in working committees, but later in shifted its actions to union organisation. Like SACTU, CUSA was not challenging the capitalistic system as a whole, but favoring a betterment of the workers circumstances, and therefore to challenge the employment system of the regime.

CUSA was immediately registering under the Labour Registration Act but also participated in a number of strikes and took militant position from time to time.

Community Organizations Since the s the role played by the community organizations in the liberation struggle grew bigger and broader in perspective. Which should constitute a picture of community participation, which actually was not happening.

Collaborators from the oppressed group joined the Council administrating the rent collection. The Committee of Ten played an important part in the struggle against national oppression.

PEBCO vehemently opposed participation in the community councils. In their mission to advocate an end to discriminatory legislation and participation in the decision making process they achieved a high mass mobilization.

They had to face severe repression by the state, causing a leadership vacuum. The Federation of South African Women FSAW was founded in by leading women of the Congress Alliance taking up a big role in the campaign against the extension of passes to african women in the mids. In they rallied a march where 20 women took part to protest against the pass laws. The FSAW was never banned, but was facing severe repression prevented them from working effectively.

It was impossible to have meetings; leaders were detained, banned and forced into exile. They aimed at organising and unify women from all classes in the need to fight against oppression and exploitation. The leadership were facing detentions and banning. It is important to state, that Biko had only 30 years to live, but his attitude towards his vision of an end of oppression and the white system of Apartheid made him deeply dedicated to the political fight, which became central in and for his life.

Later on I will discuss the main elements of Black Consciousness philosophy, how Biko defined the term, what was essential and relevant to overcome racism and to emancipate black people to become conscious of the system of oppression and exploitation that faced them in South Africa.

I will answer the question why Biko saw the overthrow of the capitalistic system as inevitable to achieve a common egalitarian society, and why the current situation in South Africa tends to be exactly as Biko has foreseen it nearly 40 years ago. After discussing the essential ideas and ideological framework of the movement I will analyze its organization on a national and international scale.

The question of effectiveness and to which extent the thought gained currency will be answered. My friendships, my love, my education, my thinking and every other facet of Defeat - Brownz & Blackz - Minority Coalition (CD life have been carved and shaped within the context of separate development.

He was the third child of his parents, father Mzingaye Biko and his mother Alice Nokuzola called 36 Mamcethe. And this was the name, his family called him. His father was a policeman who died when Steve was 4, after suffering an illness. His mother therefore had to bring her four children through by doing domestic work. She always put a great emphasis on the education of her children.

It was a boarding school, where his older brother Khaya already went. Only some month later his brother got busted because he was suspected to sympathize with the already banned PAC, which was banned in together with the ANC.

Steve Biko was arrested too; up to this time he never had engaged with politics in any matter and planned to become a doctor. Police let him go free, because they discovered that he did not know a thing about what they were trying to find out about, but Steve immediately got expelled from school.

His brother Khaya just disappeared for the next 10 month. It was this moment when something inside Biko changed; there was a momentum of understanding through experiencing unjust accusation and pressure. I hated authority like hell. Francis, a college in Mariannhill near Durban, run by catholic nuns and monks, mainly liberals, as he recalls it.

It was during this time, where Biko came to know Father Aelred Stubbs, who would later be of severe importance to him. As shown in the last chapter it was also a time of political changes within South Africa.

The massacre at Sharpeville and the banning of the main opposition parties, ANC and PAC, were a crucial marking a brake with the old oppositional strategies.

Biko was only 13 years old, when the banning happened. Stubbs called the years between and demoralizing years for the people, especially the students of South Africa, as 37 the repression after Sharpeville was highly intensified. Linda Wilson writes that Steve wanted to become a lawyer but that it was safer and easier in those days, if one was a good student, to go to medical school, for law and anti-apartheid activism was not a good match.

Unlike many other black students and black student groups who did not agree with the non-racial approach of the NUSAS, Biko was eager to join the union. In he went as a delegate to a congress at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. He was confronted with segregated residential facilities for the congress participants. There was a debate of whether postponing the conference until they would find a venue, where no racial segregation was taking place.

This experience made some things clear for Biko. Stubbs For 38 all non-white campuses, this year marked a kind of renaissance, the multi-racial institution of NUSAS had to accept a new line adopted by the non-white students.

In Fort Hare University about students ensued a non-violent strike to protest for an equal treatment at university, being suspended right after. Re-application was needed, 22 students were told they could not re-apply, due to the role they played in the strike. With Steve Biko as its first President. Important is, that Biko was not interested in playing a leader.

The organisation tried to avoid any kind of leadership cult, even if Biko was a man who definitely had an impact on other people. Friends around him, describe him as a good listener, and a heart-warming person, who was personally dedicated to the cause of emancipating and liberating the oppressed people of the country.

This statement regarded the attitude of SASO to avoid working together with white liberals, as it was seen as an obstacle for liberation. Biko held certain friendships, even if they did not underline the concept SASO was stating.

That Steve had a special authority, a special emphasize for people is a common attribute given by friends and people who lived around him. It was said, that Biko was able to encourage people to use their full potential. It was an essential part of spreading the message of Black Consciousness to a wider audience.

SASO became a sub-culture at university, the members reading books outside their study subject, educating one another through discussions and visions for a better future, without racism. In political and theological matters, Biko and Pityana were the leading proponents. His whole attitude and his whole experience were a working-class attitude and experience In Biko got married to Ntsiki Mashalaba. Biko got engaged in the process of the Black Consciousness Programmes, where great emphasis was laid on the education and development of skills within the black community as well as training of leadership for those pupils and students who got expelled or dropped out of school but also for other young workers in industry.

Wilson 58 In February Biko was banned. A ban was one of the means of oppression the government used to disencourage any kind of oppositional work. It was a systematic approach to avoid people of continuing their political work. Banned people mostly got banned to a certain district that was usually their place of birth.

So he had to leave Durban for his hometown. He was not allowed to move out of the district. He was not allowed to enter any educational institution. He was not allowed to speak in public nor to be around a group of people. As a banned person you were only allowed to be with one person at a time, a thing that hardened the daily life and communication severely.

Stubbs writes that one purpose of the banning order was to silence the banned person, to put her out of the game and lately hope that she will be forgotten. Such a ban could last for five years or longer. Biko was to be in banning condition till the day he died. Steve was therefore made Branch Executive. Maybe more important he was a confidant and friend Steve could rely on, as well as challenging him intellectually. StubbsWilson 80 Russell, knowing about the local conditions as well as the security polices actions, agreed to install the office for SASO and the BCP in the old church on Leopold Street.

As written above security police closely watched banned people. Life became tricky, turning to a cat-and-mouse game if one was to stay in political action. Harassment by the security police was relentless.

Out of love for him she complied. Even his wife Ntsiki and the children were living with them, Biko tried to spend hours each day with his son Nkosinathi and later his daughter Samora.

Life was to be as normal as possible. Steve was very active in the years of his banning. The BPC rented a disused church right in King Williamstown and started to use it as administrative office, a research and publishing department, a showroom for the clothing, which was produced at the local home industry centers run by the Border Council of Churchesas well as leatherwork from Njwaxa, a nearby town, where BPC initiated the establishment of a cottage industry in cooperation with Father Timothy Stanton.

The most ambitious project was the creation of the Zanempilo Community Health Center, where Mamphela Ramphele took on the leading role. This clinic should provide a good health care for the people, as this was lacking in the so-called resettlement areas.

Stubbs The Clinic opened officially in April ; Mamphela Ramphele was their first medical officer. Seven month later, 13 were charged under the Terrorism Act. Steve Biko was an important witness in this trial.

Through his appearance in public he could heighten the moral and strengthening the solidarity, which was severely diminished throughout the repressive years they experienced. Meanwhile life in King Williamstown continued. King Williamstown became the center for all BC committed people. Due to his ban, Steve could not hold an office in BPC, but he was the one who was consulted in regard of nearly everything. The police answered by force of arms, killing a hundred throughout the country.

After Soweto nothing stayed the same. Mohapi died in custody three weeks later on August 5, which was a traumatic event for the people around him. Biko was detained too, on August 17, two days after Mohapi's funeral. They were released weeks and month after, but scattered to locations all over the country to avoid the continuation of their work. Ramphele for example was banished to the northern Transvaal. Steve was released in Decemberafter days in detention, shortly before Senator Dick Clark, chairman of the US-Senate sub-committee for Africa applied to see him in detention.

Biko was the one who was able and willing to get together with foreign ministers or ambassadors to finally bring out the message internationally, as the situation nationally began to get more and more repressive and the scope of action was reduced to a bare minimum.

Stubbs Biko was appointed honorary president of the BPC in order to provide him with the leadership-label necessary that the foreign journalists, political ambassadors etc. He 43 was best at this job, knowing whom to trust and whom to avoid. It became more and more important to let the outside world know what was going on in detention and to make clear that any foreign government acting against Apartheid was important to break the power of the regime and to further liberation.

In August, Biko once again broke his banning order and went to Cape Town to see Neville Alexander, who was released from Robben Island a short time before, to hear what the imprisoned political elite ANC and PAC leaders was thinking about the next steps to take.

When Alexander was released he immediately was put under house arrest. Peter Jones, an BPC activist and companion, brought Steve there and remembered that they waited for hours, but the one who tried to persuade Neville Alexander to see Steve just for a short time, was not successful.

So they had to drive back to King early morning, when the situation seemed more harmless. It was on August 17, when the two reached Grahamstown, and ran into a roadblock. Both were immediately detained. Jones was released after days without trial. Bantu Steven Biko was killed in detention, loosing his life on the 18th of Septemberleaving a huge gap in the Black Consciousness Movement and the lives of the people who knew and loved him.

If they want to beat me five times, they can only do so on conditions that I allow them to beat me five times. The Black Consciousness Movement- Ideology, Philosophy, Attitude of Mind This chapter will provide for a deeper understanding of the main issues, the Black Consciousness Movement and - the thought was concerned with.

It will go deeper into the topics of how Biko defined certain things, and why he was able to spread a message of upliftment to the oppressed people. The later Biko believes that black confidence and capacity to lead the struggle has been restored, and the time has come to march forward to a new society.

It is neither about colour nor race, it is about your status within a society, within an economic and 45 social structure, exploiting the majority, for the enrichment of a minority, where in South Africa this minority is white. Blacks, concerning Bikos definition, are all those people, who are suppressed by a higher order, be it the government, military, dictatorship or anything else.

The point is, that you as black person are in a position of voicelessness. Even if you are classified as indian, or a coloured person in South Africa, still you are part of the oppressed race classand therefore, according to Biko, defined as black. Langston n. Gibson 8 One important thing to add here is that Biko takes accurate stance, in his definition of blackness and has a complex way of defining it. Because he did distinguish between, black, non-white and white.

And therefore provides a deeper analysis of blackness. Its difference is the aspiration of a person of the oppressed group, where for example a non-white person premises white as the optimum, and the need to adjust to whiteness becomes a way of acting against his own appeareance, his own background, his own skin colour. A non-white is thinking that living up to the parameters of the white world are something worth striving for.

Biko will later attribute this behavior to the immanent inferiority complex the black people of South Africa are suffering because of their history. The issue of the white liberals will be discussed in a following chapter So the accusation that BC might be a racist response to a racist system fails to understand the motives behind this philosophy.

We are in the position in which we are because of our skin. We are collectively segregated against- what can be more logical than for us to respond as a group? This misunderstanding of a promulgated way of fighting white oppression becomes clearer later on, as the role of the white liberals for the emancipation of the blacks will be discussed into detail.

Here the question comes in, of whether blackness is a conscious decision or not. According to Biko it is an articulation of consciousness about who you are and where you 47 stand in the struggle. The Apartheid regime, in annexation with the policies of the past hundred of years divided the population, separating them along the colour line using a terminology that made whiteness and being part of the white group desirable, putting them on top of evolution and gods creation.

The so-called kaffa, native or non-white, the coloured and the indian were dictated to be a lower beings and credited a lower status. Non-whites, is a term created by the white apartheid government to describe and subjugate all people of South Africa as one group, to place them at the opposite side of whiteness and being white. It is here, where the power of definition ensues the power position of the white minority. Racist behavior is defined by the motive of inclution versus exclusion.

In this understanding the own group is positioned in opposition and to another group to create an opposite to the self, which is not the self, but perpetuates the self. Hund 20f For the Black Consciousness philosophy it was ultimate to be aware of this underlying structure of immanent racism and to oppose this system.

In addressing the colour of their skin, as the sign of their oppression, Biko challenged the way in which one or Apartheid society in general defined and classified color, in reformulating the connotation that was bound to the blackness of their skin.

Always 48 degrading them to fulfill a subservient role, marking exclusion in political, economic and social spheres. Even if this meant that, once again, the color of ones skin shall take the place of identification. This identification should be in a positive way, not as before in a negative one. The consciousness about the own value had to be recreated, and the color of one's skin therefore was defined as explicitly powerful in creating a better self worth.

It seeks to infuse the black community with a new-found pride in themselves, their efforts, their value system, their culture, their religion and their outlook in life. It is evident that the alteration of the system is not enough; Biko speaks of a transformation that is needed to completely change the underlying system of exploitation. As I will explain later on, Biko saw in African Socialism a system that was desirable as a form of governance within South Africa.

So what is important within the Black Consciousness movement is the new consciousness of the black man and women, to value themselves as what they really are and not what the white world the racist system wants them to be.

What is essential and of paramount importance in achieving this kind of consciousness is the liberation of the mind, for it is impossible to be conscious about oneself and still remain in bondage. What Biko might have meant with this bondages, is the mental slavery, which the system of Apartheid was able to create during its existence and which existed long before Apartheid was institutionalized.

It is this kind of mental bondage, Biko writes, that bounds a man to servitude, which holds a man down. It is this feeling of inferiority that black men developed, thinking never to be able to become more than the system allowed them to. The psychological liberation of the black masses, confined and shaped through centuries of racism and paternalism, was to be gained before the physical liberation could take place and racism could effectively be overhauled.

He stated that capitalist exploitation gave way to the discriminatory practice against black people of the world over the last years. Institutionalized racism within Apartheid determined who not to marry, where not to work, where not to live, where not to drive, where not to eat, where not to sit, where not to wait, where not to talk, where not to swim. The economic component of making the black majority an economically disadvantaged group was evident in the apartheid policy, for there were laws that prohibited economic upswing of blacks as a whole, excluding black work force from most working positions.

For example job reservation, skilled jobs vs. Apartheid policy occupied all aspects of life of a black person. Biko gave an example, trying to explain the theory of the haves vs. This is the case because of laws and regulations, which put a white worker in a better position, on a legal basis Laws Amendment Act. Therefore the white worker is always in a better place than the black worker.

Several laws were ensuring these differences to avoid an amalgamation of the workers across the color line. There are a lot of differing opinions and discussions in the discourse of how to analysis the system of South Africa, whether on class or on race. Biko knows his stance and did not see white workers and black workers within one group within the racist structure of Apartheid.

Biko analyzed the white group as deeply heterogeneous. There were many poor white workers, who were suffering too but on a different basis, because skin color was keeping the white worker in a higher position, compared to the black worker, to avoid an amalgamation of working class interrests between black and white, as it was the case in the early 20th century. A unification of the workers would have severely threatened the system of Apartheid.

So competition along the color line was enhanced and deepened. It is here, in the lower ranks of white working class society, where Biko assumed high racist elements against blacks. This is the kind of twisted logic that the Black Consciousness approach seeks to eradicate. To outline differences was one of the main activities in creating the policy of Apartheid, to avoid any possibility of a unified opposition.

The synthesis resulting from the regained balance between black and white is an egalitarian non-racial society. What Black Consciousness seeks to do is to produce at the output end of the process real black people who do not regard themselves as appendages of white society. And to overcome the inter-group suspicions that did the government infiltrate. Further implications of BC Biko explains, are the correcting of a wrong image of the selves, in terms of culture, education, religion and economics.

Biko c: 52 Biko always preferred the non-violent way, of achieving the end he envisioned. Therefore he always promoted non-violence as a way and means to counteract the brutal system of Apartheid. As Biko knew best, it was to change the thoughts of many, first, to achieve later on, what was hoped to be a society of equality and respect. This revaluation shall bring a new self into being, a people who is proud to be black, proud of where they come from and proud to go on with strength.

After shaking off the shackles of the past, which is a feeling of inferiority, the blacks must unify to gain power in the fight against a common enemy, which is the white Apartheid system and its immanent racism.

Black solidarity shall help to gain strength and recreate the sense of living in a system of oppression, to finally see the vision of a future, where every person is free. It is a hard road, everybody in the Black Consciousness movement was clear about that, but it was important to finally see a vision again and to work towards this vision.

It was this kind of co-working where blacks did not have any influence on defining the policy or programe. For a long time the black world has been looking only at the governing party and not so much at the whole power structure as the object of their rage. This was a turning point for Biko, as he saw, that he, as a black man and his black colleagues might be members of a so called multi-racial organization, but they were not equal. There was nothing equal about the treating he had to experience there.

As one is aware of the experiences Biko must have made throughout his lifetime, growing up in a system of institutional racism, this experience showed him something else, not only that he was not equal with the whites a reality of Apartheid South Africa but that he was wasting his energy in working within NUSAS, as they are not aiming at what he was aiming for: an equality of mankind in South Africa.

Wilson 30 For this and other reasons Biko, together with others, break away from NUSAS, forming an exclusive black student body in Biko then analyzed and had to justify why it was so important for the black students and people to have their own bodies of representation and phrase their own aspirations.

He states that only very few black organizations of the past were not under white direction, who always acted to know what was best for the blacks. Biko complained about the black people who did believe in the white liberals for too long, finally starting to demand to be their own guardians, taking care of themselves and working for themselves.

The early Biko criticized the liberal ideology, for white liberals sought the solution to the 53 problem of Apartheid in a bilateral approach, where black and white work together. This idea might be relevant in a society where nobody is discriminated by the reflection of one's skin, but in a racially segregated society, there would always be a huge gap Defeat - Brownz & Blackz - Minority Coalition (CD the experienced realities of everyday life, even if the white man feels that racial discrimination is an inacceptable state.

The whole system must be overhauled first before black and white could walk hand in hand against a common enemy. The real problem was the immanent racism, which was experienced, even within multiracial organizations. Not only the problem of discrimination and power relations, Black Consciousness included also an immanent critic of capitalism as form of social formation.

This is a very important point to analyze a little deeper. Biko spoke of integration, the white liberals wanted to attain, he labeled this kind of integration as an artificial one. It is an integration that puts the suppressed group in the moral system of the one group in power. Therefore Biko concludes this kind of integration would not and cannot be desirable. The blacks would be integrated into an existing system of moral and codes, he was never able to participate in creating.

Integration as a means was an unproductive one. Integration as a systematic means is suggesting to solve the problem of discrimination, while the pattern of society stays exactly the same, where a few own much and the majority still has no equal access to good education, health, jobs and political power. Liberals and some blacks so called non-whites believed that it was already a difficulty to bring people from different races together, so that working together was already an achievement within the system of Apartheid.

But for Biko and the Black Consciousness thought, this kind of achievement was not enough; it was just a playing within the box, not trying to make an effort to step outside the box. So what might have been a successful and desirable integration for Biko?

Each group must be able to attain its style of existence without encroaching on or being thwarted by another. Out of this mutual respect for each other and complete freedom of self-determination there will obviously arise a genuine fusion of the life-styles of the various groups. This is true integration. Biko underlines two points why a working-together is not effective at this stage. The first point he made was that the black-white-circles were a creation of white liberals. Hence he moves around his white circles- whites-only hotels, beaches, restaurant and cinemas- with a lighter load, feeling that he is not like the others.

Yet at the back of his mind is a constant reminder that he is quite comfortable as things stand and therefore should not bother about change. Although he does not vote for the Nats National Partyhe feels quite secure under the protection offered by the Nats This just was a matter of fact, even if a lot of white people got banned or detained because of their political activism, but on a daily basis, the white man, even the liberal white man did not experience severe harassment, or racism.

Blacks on the opposite were experiencing an oppressive situation, each and everyday, unable to escape the circumstances they were put into, simply because one was born black.

One had to face the pressure, humiliation, injustices, and racism. And the white liberal should help them free themselves? The second point, Biko lined out is, that the black-white circles were static circles with neither direction nor program.

He sees the real concern of the multi-racial formations in rather just keeping the group alive than in changing the overall situation. They have been made to feel inferior for so long that for them it is comforting to drink tea, wine or beer with whites who seem to treat them as equals. It is important to see, that the problem is not that people — white and black — drink tea together, but the conceited attitude of whites towards his black colleague, which is the problematic thing about it.

If, in this racial setting, a white treats you, as one of them of the superior groupthan you as part of the oppressed group feel more important. This is the underlying problem, that the recognition of the powerfull opposite which is the white group is important to the oppressed which is the black group. That is why Biko spoke of inferiority, complaining about a black man who feels better only if a white treats him as an equal human being, which he actually is.

The white-liberal-promoted integration would only grant some blacks a good living, but the vast majority of people would remain where they had been, on the bottom of the social ladder. This kind of one-sided integration would also assert the intellectual arrogance of white people, Biko assumed; and over all, it was awkward that a settler minority should impose an entire system of values on an indigenous people. This was a reality to be changed by the upswing of the majority.

Rather, all true liberals should realize that the place of their fight for justice is within their white society. The role the white liberals shall play is within the white group, because it is the matter of white racism that is the countries problem, so solution approaches must be sought for especially within the group of the oppressors. However, as we will see later on, the BCM did not put focus on the exclusion of whites in later years. Many people who engaged with the BC programs were white.

Close associates of Biko were white. It is not about color of skin, it is about having a common understanding of what really went wrong within society, about having a common goal: equality.

Confronted with the critics of their black members, the liberal students body of NUSAS as well as other multiracial groups were affronted by the creation of an all black student body inthe South African Students Organisation SASO. They saw it as a step backwards, as described above, they were convinced of the way and means of multiracialism and thought this would gradually lead to an integration of the black man into the white world, where racism will be vanished in the end.

There was an outcry claiming an anti-racist racism. As discussed above, blackness was made the element of analysis or the element of identification. The latter focused more on an exclusivist Africanism and were opposed to the softer line of the ANC, where a generation gap was complicating the different assumptions and strategies. In other words, Black Consciousness was slowly manifesting itself.

But Biko argues in favor of the founding of the SASO, that it opened up and deepened the new era of self-empowerment, self-care and self-responsibility. It is more than just a reactionary rejection of whites by blacks. The quintessence of it is the realization by the blacks that, in order to feature well in this game of power politics, they have to use the concept of group power and to build a strong foundation for this.

Being an historically, politically, socially and economically disinherited and dispossessed group, they have the strongest foundation from which to operate. Therefore the philosophy of Black Consciousness expresses group pride rather than exclusionism. It suggests that if you are in a system of severe oppression, the oppressor is able to put laws to curtail your movements as the pass laws or the 72 hour law or exampleto take away 59 your freedom of speech and your political freedom, they can control who you marry, who you are allowed to talk to, for what wage you have to work, and seek to control your mind by telling you a fake history, by dominating all media sources.

But in the end, if you wake up and choose not to be blinded by the lies they tell you, they can never control your mind. It is a conscious decision, a decision of awareness.

So by using your mind feeding your mind with critical thoughts by reading books, listening to people This is only the first step to gain a real and deeply rooted self-awareness and one of the most important components of fighting against oppression, mentally. Biko claimed that whites are not aware of this prison blacks are living in within Apartheid South Africa.

Within these circles, blacks had always been the extension of something, but they did not lead, they did not determine important decisions, they were there because they were black, a liberal multi-racial body, would not have been one without black people sitting at the table. Thus in the ultimate analysis no white person can escape being part of the oppressor camp.

The accusation of white liberals, that the emergence of a black consciousness thought was racist showed that they were not ready to see the problem as it was: white racism in a segregated society dominated by a white minority. It was a new development where blacks were demanding their rights for self-determination, setting aside the multiracialism approach, which Defeat - Brownz & Blackz - Minority Coalition (CD thought to be the way to achieve the end of racial segregation.

In other words one cannot be a racist unless he has the power to subjugate. The majority, mainly blacks, is oppressed on a daily basis by Apartheid legislation. There was no equal distribution of power, no equal distribution of land and no equal distribution of wealth. After all, how does men gain equality? One can either wait, that the oppressive system changes all by itself, distributing power and the other components freely and equally, which is not likely to happen. Or the oppressed group finds the strength in the common experience of being oppressed and seeks their power in the fact that they are numerically superior, outnumbering the camp of the oppressors.

So Black Consciousness seeks not to wait, but to stimulate the inner power and resistance of the oppressed group, creating a scope for activism and therefore forming a positive outlook for a brighter self-defined future. There would be no need to uplift a people by creating self-awareness due to their skin. But in a society, where people are subjugated because of the color of their skin, it is important to regain the intrinsic value, because it is this, which is enabling him to fight against oppression and, to see what is wrong within the society.

Biko 87 Powerlessness due to the lack of self-esteem is something, which an oppressive system is creating. Blacks have had enough experience as objects of racism not to wish to turn the tablets. Biko analyzed the impossibility of the oppressed group being freed by part of the oppressor group, as the power distribution was still defined by the system which bounds them to the context of racial segregation.

Biko states that it was in the black man's hand, to deliberate him from oppression. One step in the process was to recognize the fact that both sides, the black and the white people of South Africa were downtrodden by racial jurisdiction, miseducated to believe that there is a real difference between a black man and a white man, between a colored girl and a white girl. Those created realities were introduced by colonialism. Inferior-superior, black-white complexes started to dominate the thinking.

In reading Fanon, Biko and his comrades discovered some inspiring messages, which they could also see relevant for South Africa. In Black Souls White Masks Fanon speaks of the interesting fact, that although the white colonizers had always been fewer in number, they never felt inferior.

The black man, however, was made to feel inferior at the moment, the white man decided to define the black man as slave. Fanon []: 73 As Biko and his comrades analyzed the writings of Frantz Fanon, they too made out the turning point to inferiorization in the establishment of colonialism.

The Apartheid apparatus was the racial form of a western capitalistic system, where a few own and earn, and the majority is exploited. This 62 system must be overhauled as a whole.

The liberals did not have such an aspiration. But Black Consciousness concentrated on a change of the system from bottom up. So the first step was to overcome this immanent inferiority complex, which was continuing to exist and which was obvious in the black and white circles.

Other people have become authorities on all aspects of the african life or to be more accurate on BANTU life. Bantu was one of the discriminatory term for blacks, another one was kaffa, the afrikaans word for black. They also extend their services not only to developing the most knowledge in genres of sound, but they repair audio gear, including turntables, CD players, speakers, recievers, tape dects, effects pedals, rack units and more.

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CEO Jim Wallace began the company in A one-man show during its formative years, Intracoastal Realty has steadily grown—even becoming the New Hanover market leader since Over the years, the real-estate company has procured in depth knowledge of the Cape Fear are market.

Island, the corporation is a full-service brokerage that specializes in vacation rentals, longterm rentals, property management, project development and new home communities. Known for its ups and downs, the housing market is an ever-evolving business. Staying ahead of the curve on technology and innovation proves key in remaining afloat. One such effort comes in their award-winning website which is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, mini-tablets, or phones.

ThroughoutIntracoastal Realty want to develop new products and services to aug. Being a college town, roommate squabbles also constitute a number of transcity relocations. Two Men and a Truck—which now spans over 32 states—had humble beginnings as the brothers hauled furniture for extra money in their pickup truck. The company will even pack for you upon request—whether you need them to do all or just one room.

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The shopping center has a number of national tenants considering the shopping center. As well, they are considering a phase-three expansion of Regal Mayfaire Stadium Enticing shoppers with second and third. Staying abreast of the latest trends comes easy for port city residents given the abundance of local clothing stores that populate the area. The store has cultivated immense growth over the past three years due to their prioritization of fostering close relationships with their clientele.

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Dialing in at second and third are Foz at z Mostly self-taught musicians, the band collectively has endured music lessons at some point in their lives. Smith played bluegrass in high-school as well, and with local acts Grandpa Wood as well as the Barnraisers. Yet, gelling as a prolific live act has helped hone their craft as a unit.

The storytelling, the upright bass thumps, the abundance of finger-picking and the downhome feel of it reach into the lives of many. The Best Band winner gets determined at the Best Of Masquerade Ball as bands play to raise money through each set for the nonprofit beneficiary, which was Kids Making It in Today, they consider their music more folk and traditional country rather than bluegrass, and in Januarythey expanded once again by adding Ben Privott on drums and keys.

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The outcome of their performances was nothing shy of spectacular. With Chiaki Ito leading the band through the time warp, folks sang along and literally danced all over the theater the cast and audience alike. These guys ripped through Best Of with the most wins of any business. After meeting each other while working late-night shifts at The Dixie Grill, Chris Graham and Brad Corpening cultivated a mutual respect.

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Pet-friendly, the bar allows patrons to bring their wellbehaved furry companions after a long day at work. Two spacious outdoor areas offer movies on some nights during the summer, at the base of the ancient oak tree strung with lights.

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On the lawn at Tidal Creek, rain or shine! Tickets available online at www. The Cape Fear regions hosts an array of dining destinations, and while local eateries provide a unique taste, our city by the sea has its fair share of chains, too. Founded in in St. Rich with flavor, the eatery titillates taste buds with their signature sauces, which include the warm mango salsa—best paired with the Chilean sea bass or the sea scallops and shrimp-or their sweet Asian glaze called Pan Asian.

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A hot-button issue for food purveyors over the past couple of years, the food truck business has sky-rocketed. Recently, the hosted a dinner fund-raiserand gave 10 percent of their profits for the night to local nonprofit Nourish NC.

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Knowing from where the food comes often drives the Szechuan menu. He beams with pride over the constant recog. We are no exception. We face challenges, obstacles, and mistakes along the way, but each setback has only strengthened us and helped to make us a better restauranteur and better people.

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Its owner actually had his own first date at the Wilmington restaurant. Plus, they have live music to add to their ambiance, and personalized attention from their staff to help guide diners through their extensive menu and even wine pairings. When Lector Bennett and Maaike Brandis opened Cape Fear Wine and Beer 11 years ago, it existed in a small Water Street storefront where vinyl sounded throughout the room and craft beer kept the two dedicated to their passion.

Moving to N. Front Street, the space tripled in size, and their inventory exponentially evolved. We love bringing a great beer selection to Wilmington. The beer world is constantly changing, and we feel honored to be on the cusp of it. More importantly, they want to celebrate their love for brew with everyone, and without overlooking anyone. We are not snobs, dorks, or nerds when it comes to beer. No one has ever been laughed at for ordering a Bud Light.

The point of Cape Fear Wine and Beer is to develop tastes beyond the norm and to show even the chinciest beer drinker that there is a flavor as delectable for his or her palate as the ordinary sellers.

Finally, Wilmington is on the beer map and we have access to some great brands. Beer Advocate also has recognized them number one in Wilmington. The field offers a chance for all-ability sportsmen and active citizens to have the opportunity to partake in athletics. Two weeks ago they held their first all-abilities race, and had over people show up in support.

It just takes us working together. In he also is the chair of the Heart Walk—something near and dear to his heart, as his dedication to fitness and well-being started two years ago with a great amount of weight-loss.

What used to be a rare cask-ale event is now a daily occurrence for us. We have our own cooperage, and breweries have been putting together some amazing concoctions for us.

In high school Bo Dean joined the Key Club, and every Saturday they would visit the home of a young woman with cerebral palsy.

While there, they would help pattern her muscles. In fact, the incident exposed Dean to the world of philanthropy and how despite differences, we are all alike in the need of human compassion.

Dean learned how to give fully. Essentially, to be the best person in physical health means being the best at serving others. In fact, folks can hear the radio host on Hometown Solutions Problem-solving is something his mother inspired him to seek in childhood. She set the example for her children to work on their own terms with determination and intergrity.

I recognize the fact that without having children, I have time to be able to be involved and to volunteer. I am very grateful to be able to have the privilege to be involved in this world. Dependable experienced solutions for your home or office.

Tons of local references available. Steve Haydu St. Fundraising is among them; yet, the payback to the community remains priceless. The council serves around students annually. We served fewer than adults then, and now we serve about to The need, however, is vast.

Applying the best data available from the national survey, we estimate that almost 60, adults could use educational support. Thus, they can continue their high order to educate adults and families of the Cape Fear region. While Defeat - Brownz & Blackz - Minority Coalition (CD is mostly great, they notice an upswing when choosing the correct theme for the event.

For many years the non-profit hosted its own Mardi Gras party at the Coastline Convention Center during the weekend of the New Orleans bash. Although it was well-received, they decided five years ago to step it up with a black-tie gala; now, they change the theme annually. Serving the largest selection of fresh seafood in Wilmington. Savor at the Wilmington Convention Center their in-house caterer will be providing the food.

Casino games also will be offered: Black Jack, Roulette and Poker among them. Folks are asked to come in formal dress or suited for a whirlwind journey. For more information, contact the Cape Fear Literacy Council by calling She would listen to them, pray for them, be with them in their sorrow and pain—as long as they needed her. Her public commissioning in early February was part of the entrance to Stephen Ministry leadership, lay people who work one-on-one with fellow parishioners counseling them through tough times in their lives.

Stephen ministers also help relieve the pressure on pastors in dealing with some of the emotional needs of their parishioners. Named for St. Stephen, the first layperson referenced in Acts 6 whom the apostles appointed to a caring ministry, Stephen Ministry, began in in St.

In there were Stephen ministries in North Carolina. The celebration will culminate in November with a reunion of all past Stephen ministers at the church. Connie Hill, founder of the Christian breast cancer support ministry, Lump to Laughter, will give the first lecture on her experiences with breast cancer. Other lectures will follow on the first Tuesday of each month at p.

Normally, Stephen Ministry is a private, confidential ministry, but the lecture series is an outreach to the community. Since St. Matthew, said. Watching the power and sharing of the Holy Spirit through this ministry, you realize this person needs this Stephen minister.

It makes you feel very small, and powerless. Some care receivers are dealing with grief from the loss of a spouse or a child, a cancer. Photo by Amanda Greene. Just becoming a Stephen minister involves 50 hours of training. Leach returned recently from a week-long training for leadership, which she characterized as an intense experience.

But the Stephen ministers are frank about not being professional counselors, and if a person needs that help, the church has community services they can refer to a care receiver. But it can be a struggle getting care receivers to accept the help, Mahl said. After all, that can mean being vulnerable with someone possibly seen at church the next week. Through the ministry, women meet with women, and men meet with men.

March 4 St. Do you have a volunteer opportunity to highlight? Email her at Amanda. Greene ReligionNews. Tickets are available at www. Antique Automobile Show on Sat. Participants can expect to view over antique automobiles from throughout the Cape Fear re.

Reg: am. Judging at noon with the Trophy Award Ceremony scheduled for 3pm. Trailer parking is available and there are numerous eating places in and around the mall. Ashby Armistead, President, Spectrum offers artist-created gift collections that make truly memorable wedding presents. Experts will be available to answer questions about diamonds, jewelry appraisals and insuring your fine jewelry and selecting the perfect wedding ring.

The Spectrum team will also provide free inspection and jewelry cleaning and a free high-definition photo. Guests will be able to register for their favorite artworks, glass and pottery serving wear and more. Free and open to the public. Guests will receive a free Spectrum bridal guide, enjoy sips and snacks and have the chance to win a number of wonderful giveaways including a free bridal shoot with Eric von Bargen photography and a Romantic Weekend Getaway at the City Club at de Rosset.

Car seat check from Sheriffs Department will be giving out i. Tons of great door prizes from free camps, to free restaurant gift cards. First 25 guests to purchase tickets online will be entered to win some fabulous prizes!

The groups provide grief education and support that enable members to cope with and understand grief. Discussions include the phases of grief and the grieving process, along with other areas of concern for participants.

Training is open to residents of both New Hanover and Brunswick counties. Deposit will be refunded to volunteers after 6 months of active service.

Guests will create their own arrangements to take home. Registration is required. Reg: www. A fundraiser to support women with cancer. Includes hiking, nature trails, story telling, hay rides, great food, karakoke, children activities, music, and more. Children 6 and under are free. Tickets: womenofhopenc.

The Assistance League invites you to its 6th annual Play At The Beach fundraiser to enjoy a fantastic view of the ocean and a fun-filled day playing bridge, canasta, pinochle or any other card game at the Shell island Resort, N.

Groups wishing to play something other than cards can bring the game of their choice. Beautiful, unique baskets will be raffled. Proceeds support philanthropic programs in the community. Join the N. Coastal Federation for an oyster roast to celebrate a healthy coast. A party will be held at Tidal Creek Co-op. The luncehon will be held at The Bakery, Orange St. Lacy Ford, or mcefoundation ec.

Have your next party with us inside or out. Call us today! Ask how to sign up today! The first in a series of unforgettable auction and raffle- all to help grant free readings of award-winning plays presented by wishes to kids with life-threatening medical condiTheatre Network of Wilmington. Donations benefit tions. TheatreNOW, 19 S. James Community Center. War Horse. Part four is the latest selec South 17th St. Bring To become a certified ABL tutor a volunteer must the family and anyone with a funny bone to this attend 12 hours of training to gain the basic skills fantastic fortnight of Fraktured Faery Tales.

All needed to help an ABL student succeed. Family NIght Adm, another organization. Thalian Hall, To become a certified ESOL tu. Arrogant, self tor Training includes techniques and content for centered and sharp tongued Jason Carmichael, working with adult speakers of other languages.

Enter Phoebe Craddock, Vermont academic goals. Fame and success if you are getting certified for another organization. His wife divorces him to go into politics and. Switch to us! Ask your tax pro details. Valid at participating and may amendments, extensions, online tax preparation product or other service. MostProof offices of are last independently owned and operated. Do not despair, we can make the repair. Phoebe, her love for Jason unrequited, marries a breezy journalist and moves to Paris.

Jason goes into professional, financial and physical decline as a newly chic Phoebe returns, solo and successful, igniting the long delayed romance between them. Directed by Nick Smith. Cape Fear Playhouse, Castle St. Purchase tickets:bigdawgpro gmail.

The show is directed by Sue MacCallum, a veteran director but newcomer to BLT, and features a cast of six, each portraying multiple roles throughout the show. We are also performing this show in a new venue for us, the Brunswick Center at Southport. Sue MacCallum: suemaccallum1 gmail. Show at 7pm. Musical mayhem! Meet the colorful characters as they toast the dearly departed at their local pub.

Interactive fun and frivolity at this comedic Irish wake. TheatreNOW, 10th and Dock streets. It is performed by a cast of seven women characters, each of whom is known only by a color. The play has a mature theme, adults only.

Timmy Sherrill: deadcrowcomedy aol. Musicians performing a range Summer. Teaneck is a corrupt town run by Tad Theartmuseum. Or will the wieRelease Party. The compilation album will feature ners and boobs prevail?! Join us on the prizes for the best dressed male and female at the 2nd Wednesday of every month at TheatreNOW! New York Voices: Grammy-winning jazz vocal quartet, synonymous with airtight musical perfection,celebrates 25 years of vocal artistry at Thalian Hall.

Oana Duma, by Buddy Miller. First Presbyterian psychological journey through the mind of its conChurch, S. Third St. Star bass-baritone Ildar Abdrazakov takes on the monumental title role, with Gianandrea Noseda conducting. Conducted by John dents, contact the venue for ticketing infor- Football Professional Cheerleader. Line Dancing P. LaCognata, and made up of students from across the mation.

Line dancing lesson, toire, as well as a slew of 21st century works. Pre-reg rqd; Brochures will perform at p. There Auditorium box office opens at p. The story comedy showcase Hosted by Brian Granger, perand adults are free.

Arabian Nights Hookah Bar. George Washington pm encore february 26 — march 4, www. Group lesson given by Verna Jordan. No partner necessary for the lesson. Open dancing to our own custom mix of ballroom smooth and latin music. Details of stories TBA. Mondays nights. The studio is located at South 44th St.

Club meets Thurs. Carolina Shag Club, N. Social dance for all levels; singles and couples, families, college and high school students and folks of all dancing abilities are invited to come. Opening Fri. A porCounty will host their monthly Fourth Friday Gallery tion of the proceeds from any sale of art benNight this week, on February 28th.

Sixteen galleries efits WHQR. Open to professional and amateur artists in North Carolina, must be 18 years plus. All works must be sturdy enough to withstand handling and exhibition. All mediums of art will be accepted. Digital images of the work, with entry form must be received by Fri. E-mail jpgs dpi to robin historicoakwood. No more than two photos of each piece of work should be included.

Mailed CDs should be labeled with name, email address and phone number. Winners notified via email on Mon. Opening reception, Sat. Exhibit on Sun. All works must be for sale. Process includes fee payment and image submissions at www. Hannah Block community Arts Center, S. Rhonda Bellamy atN. Suite Memorial Day weekend, Sat.

Donna Green, donnajoynergreen thalian. Art Installation at Giant. Free art supplies to create masterpieces. Opportunities to help. Not valid with any other. Gabriella Lynch, a self taught artist, does watercolors. Michael S. Green works in several medias such as water color, wood carving, air brushing, acrylic and oil. Several artist will also be doing workshops throughout the evening. Learn how to screen print, marble paper, or figure draw Dinner, snacks and breakfast served.

Daniels Gallery, New Elements Gallery and more. For a list of all galleries, head over to www. Exhibition will consist of three chapters: 1 Medieval nastygrams - the foibles of man, 2 Nature, the killer app, and 3 To the Cloud! Features classroom presentations and behind-the-scenes tour of engineering spaces. Adults only ages 16 and up and is limited to 40 participants. Nano is a mini, interactive exhibition that engages family audiences in nanoscale science, engineering and technology.

Hands-on interactives present the basics of nanoscience and engineering, introduce some real-world applications, and explore the societal and ethical implications of this new technology.

Includes numerous hands-on activity sections such as the Satellite Activity Area. Hours: Tues-Sat, 9am-5pm; Sun. Free for museum members and children under 3. Just beyond the bridge nearly 1, North Carolina patriots waited quietly with cannons and muskets poised to fire. This dramatic victory ended British rule in the colony forever.

Moores Creek National Battlefield will be completely closed on all Federal Holidays with no access to any part of the park being permitted. Ooksbay Books uses book collection locations to help promote literacy, find a good use for used books, and benefit nonprofits. House in an authentic freight warehouse, facilities are fully accessible and on one level.

RSVP: discounted group tours, caboose birthday parties, and after-hours meetings or mixers. North end of downtown, Nutt St. Tours offered Mon-Fri, 10am4pm, and Sat, pm.

Walking tours are Wed and Sat. Over species, some so rare they are not exhibited anywhere else. One of the most famous reptile collections on earth. Open everyday in summer, 11am-5pm Sat.

After the. Calendar entries are due Thursdays by noon for consideration in the following encore. Entries are published for free two weeks out from event date according to space.

Now a museum, itf ocuses on history and the design arts and offers tours, changing exhibitions and an informative look at historic preservation in action. Parking is free, and concessions are sold inside.

Plus, folks can meet the gals after the bout! Tickets available at Jellybeans or from one of the skaters. Avid hunstman, sportsman and philanthropist Bruce Barclay Cameron collected duck decoys throughout his lifetime, and CAM will showcase them. Taylor reimagines them. Open late on Thurs. TuesSun,10am-5pm; Thurs: 10am-9pm. Colonial life is experienced through historical interpretations in kitchen-building and courtyard.

Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm. Last tour, 3pm. Admission rqd. Space is limited. Kids ages 2 and up, adults and families including a wide variety of birding programs. Those shows have helped raise millions of dollars. Tickets at various retail outlets also listed on the brownpapertickets website.

Concessions provided, merchandise bag and door prize drawing for fishing and huntavailable for purchase, and a meet-n-greet with ing outdoors trip. Instruction will meet the needs of the Girls directly following the bout. Complete list of Oliver. The city is looking for boys and girls ages 11by Simpsons Producer Joel H. Filmat S. Teams will be selected on March Required for regisfestival submission system. The Join the N.

Adults only, please. The Reserve is looking for volunteers to help a 4-day juried and invitational competition offers with this posting and to adopt additional postings screenings of independent films by African-Ameron the island.

You must be able to provide your ican filmmakers with guest artists, panel discusown transportation to the Reserve. To find out sions, workshops, and more. Genres include feamore information and register contact us at ncnerr. Sponsored by the Black Arts Alliance. Pink Heals Golf Tourney with Castle liance. Come Designed to raise environmental awareness out and see a rematch of the Harlem Ambassaamong students by giving them an opportunity to dors against the Topsail Fury.

The Harlem Ambasdesign aposter explaining what they think Earth sadors offer a unique brand of Harlem-style basDay is all about. Open to all K-8th grade students ketball, featuring high-flying slam dunks, dazzling in US; must be original with ecological message; ball-handling tricks and hilarious comedy routines. Poster: cfvcdirector gmail. Music and Art for Children: Ms. Sing, Dance and Creative Play.

Art and craft sessions Thur. Taught by director Jen Iapalucci with help from her sister Katie Deese, this program introduces young actors to theater and helps hone the skills of children who have already caught the performing bug. Admission by donation. Create your own art you can take home! All ages welcome.

No pre-registration necessary. Parental supervision required at all times. Georgia cameronartmuseum. Doors open at 11am. Drop off service available. Tickets: www. Learn all about this interesting habitat and the birds that call it home. Free and open to all! The luncheon is open to Romance Reades, including member and non-member greenkeeping. Tour starts at prizes. Also two days of fun and the New Hanover County Arboretum.

Open to any writer weekend, March 1st, from 9 a. Submislina, Jim Hunt, will be visiting Wilmington sions should be one poem only line limit. Judge is Jillian Weise, County Arboretum. Visit the club online tions,the James Laughlin Award note Speaker and receive a special award at www.

Awards Luncheon, noon, at Union Station Submissions should be one poem only 40at Cape Fear Community College in downtown line limittyped single-spaced and stapled in perienced participants. Send submissions to: Terry L. Offered to adults experiencing is the great niece of Mack Munn. Earnestine or alllovehealing. It provides grief education and supAfrican American life in southeastern NC.

Belport that enable members to cope with and lamy Mansion, Market St. Free, donations understand their grief. Discussions include accepted. Registration cruises are educational boat tours designed to Speakers Carson Wood and James Abbott of required: or Melinda. Zoom is a in office whitening option that leaves you in one office visit as white and as bright as you will be, includes maintenance trays and take home whitener! A new patient dental exam is required. Periodontal therapy requires an additional fee.

Topics to heal and cope. All sessions provide education, support and discussion. Come join us in the fascinating world of honey bees and learn more about beekeeping. There will be keynote speakers on all expects of bees and beekeeping.

There will be classes on getting started in beekeeping, queen rearing, top bar hives, brewing with honey, swarm prevention, nuc importance, and many more. Vendors will have displays and equipment will be for sale.

Parking will be available at the Convention Center Parking deck with a fee. WikiWorship is a time to address the hardest questions of life. An extended discussion will follow. Newcomers to HFCF, as well as interested people of faith, are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and engage in a thoughtful discussion.

Participants should bring a dish to share with others and take advantage of the opportunity for informal discourse. College Rd, Album), Wilmington. Kindly RSVP at www. Organized and directed by local and regional writers. Call for details and price. Jodi: or jodi giantculture.

Giant: N 23rd St In the future they may not serve you as well as they have up until now. At the very least, you will need to alter your strategy and tactics. What do you think? On the contrary: You will have a special capacity to make contact and establish connection. You will be like an all-purpose, jack-ofall-trades whisperer—able to commune and communicate with nervous creatures and alien life forms, and pretty much everything else. If anyone can get a pony to understand Sanskrit, it will be you.

They look pretty amazing, after all: elegant, neat, perfectly shaped. What do you think, Gemini? I was just messing with you. The cosmic truth of the matter is that you should be laser-focused on the epic possibilities that your destiny is bringing to your attention. Women found him charismatic, and he once killed an attacking bear with a knife. He had a brother Lorenzo who came to be known as Tame Bill Hickok.

In contrast to Wild Bill, Tame Bill was quiet, gentle, and cautious. He lived an uneventful life as a wagon master, and children loved him. LEO July Aug. The sheer volume of lyrical soulfulness that pours out of you will have so much healing power that you may even make the ugly stuff less ugly.

Or so the theory goes. When Kreider cocked and swung his stick, he missed the puck entirely. He whiffed. Yet the puck kept sliding slowly along all by itself.

It somehow flummoxed the goalie, sneaking past him right into the net. New rule: You. I believe you will soon benefit from this loophole, Virgo. Metaphorically speaking, make sure that nothing comes between your bare hands and the pure snow. You have a cosmic mandate to be incomparably irresistible.

It will be an excellent time to discover more about where you belong and who you belong with.


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