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Luv Dup* & Jon ;The Pleased;* - Bangkok (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Luv Dup* & Jon ;The Pleased;* - Bangkok (Cassette)
Label: Not On Label (Bangkok) - none • Format: 2x, Cassette Mixed, Unofficial Release • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Progressive House, House

This operation emerged out of bankruptcy at the end of to become Lifestyle Inc. Prior to this, however, SFX described itself on its website as follows:. SFX also operates Beatport, the principal online resource for EMC DJs, and a trusted destination for the growing EMC community to discover and stream music, follow DJs and keep abreast of news, information and events, in addition to offering year-round entertainment to EMC fans around the globe through other digital assets.

And this is what he does. Earlier in the s he went and bought up a load of different concert companies, sold them to Clear Channel, and did the same kind of consolidation. Of course, I listen to it and I understand its appeal. Not a clue. And I love it. I just love it. Sillerman now owns all of that. He owns the ticketing service that you buy all the tickets to the events from. So you have the front end and the back end. They often have Beatport stages at these events using their own technologies.

So you have the centralisation of the music. And this happened when DJs went from playing vinyl records to playing mp3s off their computers. A coven of witches would be brought in to place a spell on it, the idea being that each copy then taken from the master and sent out into the general public, would be imbued with the signature dark energy of the original, because everything happens on an unseen, frequency level.

It seems the practice may not have died out with that decade, either. Incidentally, at her presentation at the Free Your Mind Conference, author and researcher Jeanice Barcelo claimed the California porn industry has a similar practice of placing hexes on the masters of the movies it creates.

If hexes cast on to recording tape is what was happening decades ago — and the same forces are still controlling corporate music output — how much more sophisticated might practices have now become with the advent of digital technology? Ravers reflect There were some very incisive comments from those posting to a thread on the David Icke on-line Forum a few years ago. Whatever anyone may or may not think about Icke himself is irrelevant here, as the detached, everyday perspectives that regular punters have are often far more profound than the views of seasoned professionals.

With that in mind, a handful of former ravers contributed the following array of comments, and many of them touched on the idea that electronic music — at a frequency level — may have been having an undetected effect on the crowds who were absorbing it — often in a chemically-altered mind-state:.

Not sure how to explain the feeling, but I remember being at a rave and not liking what the beat was doing. The whole scene gradually got more and more aggressive. I think music can be used to amplify the dimensions from which it is created. If you make music with evil thoughts, give it evil rhythms, it will produce evil vibrations. In the case of rave music, there are so many different varieties of ambient, house, and other genres in the electronic scene.

After reading the Laurel Canyon articles, I really wonder who was behind some of these parties. I noticed an agenda in Australia in the 90s to get peeps off the streets and other activities, and into clubs and raves, with no shortage in supply of pills.

Those outside would get hassled by The Man until they went home, or into a club. It got me thinking. There continue to be frequent accounts of paranoid psychosis and schizophrenia being attributed to the regular ingesting of E, like LSD before it.

And while that was happening, they just had fun with it. I knew a few people who went rapidly downhill and ended up quite poorly in all ways due to raving. I wonder if, for every person who has walked away from the scene with positive memories, there is another who has really suffered because of it. They have met their overall objective, whatever it may be.

The organised gangs are the street soldiers for the Masons, if you ask me, and the classic trick with the government is to take out the competition and get their own versions of the drugs in, which is exactly what seemed to be going on here. Regards the overall agenda — yes, ecstasy can you make you feel good.

But what goes up must come down. What was it doing to our serotonin and pineal gland long-term? And perhaps some of this music was specifically designed to fuck with our brainwaves and subvert consciousness, as discussed with rock music, for example. However, regarding demonic influence, this is something that can also be present. If you have the wrong type of distortion, you can have oddorder harmonics entering into a sound you like and are tuned into, and this can be the diabolical tritone.

Thefor example, is a transistor-based saw-and-square generator, and the filters on that thing generate mostly odd-order harmonics. You can listen to it for only a short time before it becomes painful, unless your pain receptors are numbed by drugs. The reason why they went voluntarily to these raves was because of a combination of future-shock syndrome, and because their vibration level had become fixated at a certain point and they could not move beyond it easily.

Ancient religions everywhere in the five continents share strikingly similar. What if raves are a way to prevent many potentially highly energy-aware, spiritually-oriented individuals, from getting in touch with actual spirituality?

The difference is that we are given synthetic drugs, put in the market by intelligence agencies, and are exposed to Tavistock? If the tidal wave of pills were largely launched at the hands of the social engineers, were the positive experiences merely considered to be collateral damage in an agenda devised with nefarious aims? Or did the controllers really have no idea how the big picture would play out, and the rave generation was being used as a community of lab rats in another giant social experiment?

This was, after all, a chemical which had been popular among therapists for its ability to break down psychological barriers. What would happen when huge numbers of people took huge amounts of it for years on end? Would those defences crumble for ever? Were these just people who were halfway to insanity already, and the long, sleepless weekends.

Was the drug itself to blame? Or was it just a way to explain away the inexplicable? Desired effects include increased empathy, euphoria, and heightened sensations.

When taken by mouth, effects begin after minutes and last hours. It is also sometimes snorted or smoked. Key corporate asset Dr. By the end of that decade, however, Dre and the artists he directed had started dropping namechecks for MDMA into their recordings.

Dre on E? Ha ha! A Playboy Bunny, one of many themed batches of Ecstasy pills. Where did they all come from? How can it just appear so widespread on a scene overnight — and with every major rapper signed to a corporate label namechecking and endorsing it — if not part of a co-ordinated plan, with the full complicity of record labels, the police and the intelligence services?

His father owned a nightclub in the South of France. As a young teenager, Cedric, who is originally from Marseilles, headed to St Tropez. There he got a summer residency at the famed Papa Gaio club.

He was only 14 years old, not even legally old enough to party with the people he played for Cedric pleaded with his father to take him out of school so he could concentrate on DJing. This was at a time when an exciting. Cedric saw this opportunity and jumped in.

Madonna herself was not finished, however. Around the same time, she announced that she was dropping the vowels from her name, temporarily becoming MDNA in an obvious further reference to the drug she had been commissioned to promote. Who let the pills out? Clubbers and social commentators all have their views on who, ultimately, was behind the influx of ecstasy into both the British and American dance scenes.

Although the foot soldiers are easy to identify, pinpointing those who may be employing them becomes a much harder task. One intriguing aspect of E is that pills appeared in branded batches, with their own logos inscribed. An extremely high-profile one in the British clubs of the s was known as the Mitsubishi, adorned as it was with the motif of the car manufacturing giant. These engravings may have been a way for the suppliers to track where pills from specific batches ended up in the market, and of gauging which ones — perhaps each with slightly different chemical constituents — became the most popular.

Former pillpoppers differ in their recollections of their chemically-induced experiences. Might the reasons for these differences go beyond simply the different personalities of the individuals involved? As discussed in the last book, symbols carry energetic signatures and can be charged with the will of those creating them — all happening on an unseen level, but very real nevertheless. Factor in certain parties who may not necessarily have the personal welfare of those necking the pills as their top priority, and suddenly the story takes on new possibilities.

People can say, well, it was all covert, and they all just got away with it. Who just got away with it? Because I would argue that the government just got away with it, and people who we perceive to be in control I think it was almost like a testbed, or laying the foundations or the bedrock for the new form of mind-control as that evolved.

And particularly, when they want to carry out some kind of mass experiment Well, of course it would happen now. So, if governments were capable 50 years ago of flooding the market with drugs in order to test how a population would react Neither did certain song titles. Was it just a novelty. Or were these produced with the knowing intention of chemically regressing E-heads back to infantile states of mind? Was it a darkly mocking commentary on the loss of childhood innocence brought on by a new world of sin?

As many a raver will testify, the music made little sense to anyone who was not in a chemically-altered mindstate to synch their perceptions with the beats, samples and frequencies they were experiencing. His website sells prints of each piece. One was a mural said to consist of 10, real pills. There may have been another element at play, too, considers Emily Moyer. Does E emasculate males and blur the lines between gender identification?

I have no problem with anyone being gay, straight, transgender, whatever I know guys who were always totally straight who, after years of doing ecstasy, were girlier than I am!

I wonder if this is part of the softening-up of society — to blur the lines between masculinity and femininity? I call it the Chaos Confusion Agenda. She grudgingly accepted that she and her peers had been used as unwitting guinea-pigs in a massive social experiment when — at the time — they all thought they were so free.

Complete disempowerment from which many of us are still reeling and — thankfully — bouncing back. They were at worst demonic, at best, freeloading sex-addicted bums. I no longer see it as I did back then Seems I was not enlightened at all while my thoughts were totally contrary When it comes to social engineering and culture creation, it seems there really is nothing new under the sun.

Social engineering, culture creation, and Lifetime Actors. Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives — whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking — we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.

And the parting on the left, is now the parting on the right, And the beards have all grown longer overnight. Smile and grin at the change all around, Pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The only way to steer societies in a desired direction is to be in control of every step of the process, with nothing left to random chance or natural progression. Ensured success in these endeavours, therefore, relies on tried and trusted groups and individuals being commissioned to instigate the changes, masquerading all the time under benign, good-natured public images that completely mask their true intentions. We live in a society drowning in social engineering: drowning in behaviours and beliefs that did not.

It should be deeply fulfilling to recognise exactly who is trying to programme us. What could matter more than identifying exactly who is creating our culture, how, and why? These people are affecting the lives of us and everyone around us. Getting the job done The over-riding aim of all modern social engineering agendas, has been to employ culture towards the debasement of morals, and the break-up of the traditional family unit. Societies split by discord between the generations — and between social groupings with perceived differences — are much easier to manipulate by malevolent controllers than a population united in solidarity.

The lack of unity is exploited to play different groups off against each other. This process becomes yet more effective when society has become so fractured and divided, that most of its members are too distracted to even realise that all, in fact, share the same common enemy.

America was not a happy place. Far from it. No matter where you turned, whether it. By the time we got toeverybody between the ages of twenty and twenty-eight was a drug addict.

The entertainment industries play ingeniously into this dynamic. People are most off their guard against mind-control after a hard day at the slave job, when all they want to do to is unwind from the stress before it begins all over again. Beneath the benign-sounding rhetoric, lies the truth of what certain sectors of these organisations were really set up to do. The s counter-culture, sponsored by those nice folks at Langley. When he, too, was unmasked as a paedophile, the British public could scarcely believe it, so convincing had his cover story been.

In one of his final interviews infor the freemantv. Be very sceptical of anyone in Hollywood who has a political agenda. Some go into the world of politics, some into big business, some into science or the military, some into films, some into television, some into music — all to play their influential roles in these different fields.

This is the realm of the Lifetime Actor. Their backgrounds tell a different story, however, usually revealing family links to military-intelligence or other aspects of social control. Gates Sr. Episode 8 gives a useful overview of the whole concept. The term has really developed to try and help people understand individuals historically that have lived a lie. Their life has been something that was given to the public, basically, to fool them. The Lifetime Actor is the correct way to identify these individuals.

They were trained to create their persona. And the persona is really necessary in order for their propaganda to be effective. CIA funded, supported and encouraged hundreds of young psychiatrists to experiment with this drug. The same dynamic is at play with any kind of social movement which influences large numbers of people and changes societal behaviour.

But then, it turned out that Gloria Steinem is a Lifetime Actor! And now, when you look at her that way, then you can see, wait a second This could be a tool to destroy the family.

Who is this guy? His persona was developed, all the attributes of his character in the media were developed, so that he would have the most power in terms of influencing people.

The safest way to avoid being duped, therefore, is to consider nobody worth your trust unless you know them personally, and have had Luv Dup* & Jon ;The Pleased;* - Bangkok (Cassette) interactions with them. Blame it on the bloodlines Family backgrounds, and the long-running generational bloodlines from which certain household names emanate, are key to understanding their given roles in society.

Prince Charles, with some apparent pride, revealed that the maternal side of his family is descended from Vlad Dracul, the vicious Transylvanian nobleman and warrior who earned the nickname Vlad The Impaler through his preferred method of mass-execution. And Kim herself is rarely out of the gossip columns and celebrity magazines — not least as the wife of Kanye West.

Absolutely not. Different generations are given designated roles in this way through the centuries. In all cases, the intention is to have a desired influence and effect on human culture. This is why so many crop up, generation after generation, as Hollywood actors, TV personalities, or musicians and singers. They become the most prominent names in their respective fields. Logic suggests, therefore, that academies or training schools must exist where these individuals hone their skills under the best tutelage, and with money no object.

Lifetime Actors get the best training. Mainstream newspapers have also reported that Cherie Booth, the wife of another former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is related to John Wilkes Booth, the theatrical actor said to have been the assassin of 19thcentury US president Abraham Lincoln.

Although presented as zealous rivals, they have been pictured socialising together at many events, and in fact share 18th great-grandparents. Similarly, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are related. Wikipedia additionally reports that Pocahontas is an ancestor of two presidential First Ladies, the wives of Ronald Reagan and Woodrow Wilson! Obama, Palin and George W. Bush are said to be related through common ancestor Samuel Hinckley. An article by Von A. Weist on the www. Anyone still believe that you can rise to high positions in politics, entertainment or big business purely through hard work and a stroke of.

Now anyone can be president! According to researcher and claimant to the British throne Greg Hallett, meanwhile, actor and comedian Peter Sellers was an illegitimate son of the royal Lord Louis Mountbatten.

The Chosen Ones This is not to say that every single household name has got there through their genetics, however. The ranks of what I call the Chosen Ones are reserved for those who may not come from an all-important bloodline, but who have shown sufficient natural skill to have attracted the attention of the talent spotters.

An instinctive tendency towards narcissism — or better yet, psychopathy — is something that will stand an individual in great stead in this regard. Regular members of the public can struggle and strive for decades to reach the lofty heights at which their idols reside, not realising that these positions, in most cases, have been gifted to these individuals by those organisations who can make careers happen, because ultimately all facets of society are connected through secret-society networks and fraternities.

This film is now extremely difficult to track down, but can be viewed in two parts via the Daily Motion links detailed at the end of this chapter. Following the induction of a new member, and after years of inactivity, he is called upon by the Brotherhood to ensure that an old friend of his declines a prominent academic position, so that another member of the Brotherhood can take the role.

The Brotherhood, in turn, make the level of their influence known, as they are able to infiltrate every area of society through the contacts they have placed in key shot-calling positions. You need to get with reality! Disarmament: a military-grade tactic The mermaids of legend seduced ships to their doom with the sweetestsounding songs. The reason many have such a hard time believing that a famous celebrity they admire may in fact be operating to an agenda, is because, on the surface, they appear to be well-meaning and sincere in intent.

This is where a military-style tactic comes into play. A disarmed target who would never imagine that any danger is posed by an apparent friend and ally, is far easier to manipulate and conquer than one fully on their guard, and anticipating conflict.

Most people would never imagine that such levels of deception could be sunken to, because they would not be capable of it themselves. This attitude is what renders so many incapable of accepting the replacement of Paul McCartney, for example, when all the evidence suggests otherwise.

Incredulity is a tactical advantage on the part of the controllers. Their allpervading psychopathic mindset is different to ours. When you have no conscience, no empathy, no moral qualms, any tactic becomes fair game. A variation on this strategy is often used when launching the career of a new musician.

He now stands as one of the key assets in the moral degradation of culture, and has been neutered into obedient subservience.

The same was true of Lupe Fiasco who, after a few good messages, has sadly fallen into the same corporate mind-control agendas as his peers.

Robin Thicke, whose recently-deceased father Alan was a prominent television presenter, was launched as a credible soul artist Miley Cyrus herself was launched out of her Disney corporation grooming as good old family-friendly Hannah Montana Rihanna and Beyonce, before their videos became laden with dark occult imagery, first appeared to be pleasant, wholesome pop acts that no parent could he opposed to By this point in the tried-and-tested process, a fanbase is already intact, and is likely to be led down whatever path their idols dictate.

This would be far more difficult to achieve if these acts were to make their true nature so blatantly known at the outset. Yet it was a different story with their early music, which drew Carl in and seemed to convey inspiring messages. The group Killing Joke have put out many songs that appear to be anti-establishment and consciousness-enhancing.

Those who reject the suggestions of Dave McGowan, that the pioneering musicians of the 60s counter-culture were operating to a militaryintelligence agenda, will point to the many anti-establishment statements that the likes of Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa made in interviews and in their music.

We see another variation on the Disarmament Tactic, when certain artists who are quite obviously controlled assets, make comments or visual statements that appear to suggest they have woken up to the true nature of the corporate beast, and are now breaking free and regaining their personal sovereignty. As an example, Lady Gaga — an artist whose complicity in dark occult and mind-controlling ritual has done potential damage to the minds and souls of millions of young people — spoke at a conference in late It feels shallow.

I have a lot more to offer than my image. Why are you unhappy? These are options not open to such industry tools, however. A clue was given from the location at which she made these statements Living our lives through a lens So comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, the trouble Happily numb Stumbling around like a wasted zombie On the surface, the song appeared to be a scathing critique of modern materialism.

As for What Katy Did Next, just keep reading. As many have discovered to their peril, their contracts are binding for life. It is possible, of course, that in certain cases, acts did start out with genuinely good intentions, and that somewhere along the way — having shown great talent and a propensity for influencing the public — they were co-opted into social engineering agendas and remunerated into conformity.

This remains a credible alternative to the assertion that bands were formed with such intentions right from the start, as this remains difficult, if not impossible, to prove. Extra-curricular activities Although Lifetime Actors and new recruits are thought of as having a principal public role — a politician, a film actor, a singer — it appears that, occasionally, a temporary stepping-aside into some other useful role is required of them. Being owned commodities who, either through blood or ego are beholden to their controllers, these people have little choice but to fulfil their instructions.

This is why Bono, whose public role as a rock singer you might expect to consist of, well, singing, in recent years seems to have spent more time in the close personal company of the likes of Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Tony Blair and the Pope than of other musicians.

This is why actors like Ewan McGregor and Keeley Hawes are wheeled out as the public face of TV charity ads, imploring the general public to part with their cash to find solutions to problems that have been created by governments, all of which could be eradicated overnight if the international banking cartels behind them wished them to be.

These extra-curricular activities dovetail into another aspect of social engineering too, which is the creation of fads and trends. Upon the example of assorted celebrities, who had filmed themselves dumping a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads, then challenging named associates to do the same, the trend went viral, with millions emulating their idols. A job well done all round. This alluded to a child sex-trafficking ring centred around Washington DC, involving some highranking names in politics.

How low can humanity go? A glance back at the output of a handful of corporate music A-listers also threw up some unsettling results. Pizza in my fucking shit. To promote these songs, both singers appeared in multiple publicity shots showing them indulging in the eating of pizza, and wearing dresses fashioned in the form of the food.

Later, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber were pictured together biting into slices of pizza. If nothing else, this at least put paid to the persistent rumours that they are in fact the same person! The Ice Bucket Challenge: A masterclass in how to get large numbers of people to adopt a behaviour based on celebrity say-so. By this point, she had adopted a new look consisting of closely-cropped blonde hair.

This video stands as a blatant mockery of these events, rubbing the noses of those who have done the research right in it, while going completely over the heads of everybody else. Were they just making independent fashion statements? The bands were pitted as rivals in much the same way that the Rolling Stones, from the South, London, and the Beatles, from the North, Liverpool had been in the s. Given the evidence to show that all four bands were highly cherished assets with ties to the Establishment and the world of the occult, it becomes easy to see why they were chosen to herald in the respective societal changes they helped foment.

He took care to be seen playing guitar in TV appearances and talked of having been in bands himself — a. There were even reports of Blair having smoked cannabis in his younger years. Right on, dude! Bush guilty of crimes against humanity. When Dr. Another album shows a landscape encased within a dome, meanwhile.

Oasis first signed to the Creation Records label in Creation was founded by Alan McGee, an occultist, and yet another industry figure to have expressed a reverence for the Thelema teachings of Aleister Crowley, falls back in amazement. I got into Crowley because everybody told me not to go there. So of course, I did, and ended up at chaos magick. I love him. Even Chaos! Dystopia awaits As aspect of the gradual changing of attitudes straight out of the social engineering textbooks, is one that is very often missed.

This is the rapid advancement that human society has taken towards the Transhumanist future that has been in the sights of the manipulators for so long. The plot depicts a cityscape greatly reliant on technology, in which the elite class reside in skyscrapers, while the working-class keep the city functioning by toiling in harsh underground facilities.

Societal chaos ensues. It becomes clear — particularly when you factor in the concept of Predictive Programming discussed at length in the last book — that the technological society we now have has been in the plans of the culture creators for a very long time. Reliance on technology has been so firmly ingrained into our daily lives that many young people — always the prime targets of such changes — are unable to get from one hour to the next without handling every aspect of their lives on their mobile phones or tablets.

An aspect of how this move in particular has been achieved, involves another factor that is so rarely considered or discussed. This is the dwindling attention-spans — particularly in the unders — that has been cultivated in the past few years.

It is into this scenario that the advent of concentrationdistracting on-line sites and applications such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter play their part. So users are stifled in their capacity for expression, but still feel compelled to be constantly posting stuff because everybody else is.

A generation groomed in this kind of mindset is going to be a far easier one to sell ideas like brain implants, microchips, Smart Grids and a cashless society to, than one which can remember different ways of doing things.

When major societal changes are introduced in increments, a population entrained in shortened attention spans, is unlikely to recall more than two or three increments into the past with any great clarity. The assault on attention An alternative aspect of the above harks back to my previous existence as a club DJ, playing gigs every weekend for over 20 years.

As the years went by and the proliferation of mobile phones in clubs increased, however, I noticed a marked difference in how punters were responding to tunes that were played. The initial whoops and cheers that would accompany a track the second its opening bars were recognised were still there. But whereas previously a crowd would have danced enthusiastically to such a song for a good three to four minutes, now it was becoming clear that people would lose interest after 30 seconds to a minute.

The energetic dance moves would become more lacklustre, and faces would disappear into phones. The only way to re-generate the vibe would be to quickly bring in the next song. Again, whoops and cheers, then the loss of interest within half a minute. Readers may be familiar with the internet meme that shows a group of young people sat on the sidelines in a club. And in the DJ world, this dynamic has not been helped by another expression of the electronic society Whereas DJs in the vinyl era would exhibit some skill in organising their records and knowing where to find a particular tune, because the next song is now no more than a couple of mouse-clicks away, the temptation to throw on one tune after another in rapid succession, with minimal effort, is generally indulged.

And the talent that vinyl DJs used to need to perform a smooth mix by matching the beats of two records by ear, has also been usurped by laptop culture, with many DJs now setting their programmes to beat-match and sequence tracks for them. Previously, a good DJ would spend much of their free time hunting for elusive tunes — often on overseas imports in record shops — and would impress clubgoers by their knack of playing tracks that other DJs had not been able to acquire.

Reputations were built upon it. Now, a DJ is just some random cunt with a laptop, and I can tell you from experience that anyone not of god-like A-list status like David Guetta or Paul Van Dyk, gets treated with the low level of respect and politeness that such perceptions bring. This is all part of the long-planned, slow-drip effect of homogenising everything in culture — making everything generic, bland and commodified; of stamping out individual identity and character.

But I hope readers will permit this. Normalising narcissism Unsurprisingly, television has played its own vital role in subliminally shaping public attitudes — particularly in the years since the millennium. Ideological Satanism by any other name. The public is entrained to think of its military intelligence agencies as benevolent organisations that are out to keep us all safe, when — a recurring factor in this satanically-inverted world — the opposite is actually the case. Fleming himself was descended from an aristocratic bloodline.

He works for an organisation which, in reality, is involved in covering up institutionalised paedophilia, he is an order-follower — killing others on the say-so of somebody deemed to be more important than Luv Dup* & Jon ;The Pleased;* - Bangkok (Cassette) by virtue of their job title — and he carries out such executions without ever stopping to question the morality of the situation, or if one human being ever has the inherent right to kill another outside of self-defence.

Accepting the true nature of Bond has been another extremely bitter pill for me to swallow personally, as I loved the books and films as a kid. Often, the individual communicating these uncomfortable truths will get viciously attacked by those their words offend. I speak from experience. Instead, we should be our own heroes in recognition of our own unlimited potential to change things around us by way of our will, intent and chosen behaviours.

We might doubt the motives of others, but we never have to doubt our own. They may accept that every other name is dirty in some way — but not their personal holy cow. Surely not them? People can either accept this, or reject it out of hand, but it continues to be the truth Luv Dup* & Jon ;The Pleased;* - Bangkok (Cassette) the matter either way.

Music can still be enjoyed at face value, once an understanding of how artists are used for certain agendas is understood. When that stuff is all out of the subconscious mind and into the conscious, where it can be properly processed and critically analysed, it loses its controlling power.

A great tune is still a great tune, regardless of the circumstances in which it was created, and Beatles, Doors and Rolling Stones albums will always remain classics, in spite of what we now know about how these groups came into their influential positions. One reason why people still hanker nostalgically towards the music of previous decades, is that contemporary output is just so fucking dire — straight satanic at best, and stupefyingly bland and unmemorable at worst.

See the Resources section at the end for the link to these. Rules The style of music must be somewhere in the title of the mix. Preferably it should start with [Style Name], but at least put it somewhere. Without this, it's hard for people to find things to listen to. Use the brackets around the style name. Don't just dump your mix here and expect people to listen.

Give feedback to others, it will build a Luv Dup* & Jon ;The Pleased;* - Bangkok (Cassette) Post quality. Sasha, Tiesto, Deadmau5, etc. Read the rules before posting mixes. Put the style of music somewhere in the title or the post will be deleted.

It's a pretty extensive list and being added to all the time. I'm not doing any swaps at the moment but if you would like to buy any they are. Your mixes can be uploaded to the interent where you can download them at your convenince, this is a great and fast way to recieve you mixes, no matter where you are in the world. They can be bundled onto a CD or DVD as high quality mp3 and sent to you via normal post, playable on mp3 players, PC and compatible devices. They can also be burned as audio to CD.

They can be burned to CD as audio, playable in your playable on you hi fi system, Luv Dup* & Jon ;The Pleased;* - Bangkok (Cassette), car stereo etc and sent via normal post.


Vivre La Vie - Kelly Joyce - Kj (CD, Album), Knozz-Moe-King - Wynton Marsalis - Think Of One (Vinyl, LP), Vectors - From The Ocean - From the Ocean EP (CD), River - Oskar Hanska - Krokodiltårar (CD, Album), Orgasm Addict - Buzzcocks - Live At Shepherds Bush Empire 2003 (DVD), Eclipse - 2B - Trust Ur Receiver (Vinyl), Everytime You Touch Me (John Blackford Mix), Today - Kellee Maize - The 5th Element (File, MP3), Zostaw - White House* - Kod3x - Trylogia (CD, Album), Julia Fordham - Happy Ever After (Rain Forest Mix 98) (CD), Alpha Centauri - Rodion G.A.* - The Lost Tapes (Vinyl)


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    Jon Pleased followed his pop success in the late 90’s by delivering remixes for the likes of Divine, Erasure, Pierre Henri and even Chris Rea. In , Jon decided he’d had enough. He became disheartened by DJing at so many clubs that he wasn’t passionate about.
  3. Fausar   Tygorr
    DJ mixtapes sold via mail order by the Edge Promotions team circa Live recordings from Bangkok club nights at Tic Toc, Primrose Hill Street, Coventry, England some are Bangkok/Harmony double packs where the second tape was recorded at Harmony @ The Institute, Birmingham.
  4. Kazil   Dougis
    Volume Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin CD2 1 – Smooch: Disco Heaven: CD2 2 – The Wildchild Experience* The Poseur: CD2 3 – Lena Fiagbe: Gotta Get It Right: CD2 4 – D.O.P. Here I Go: CD2 5 – Whyte: Promises (Fabi Paras Mix) Remix – Fabi Paras* CD2 6 – Mindwarp: One: CD2 7 – Cool Jack: Try The Feeling: CD2 8 – X-Press 2: Say What5/5(1).
  5. Dikora   Kigabar
    Joey Beltram, E-Lustrious / Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, LuvDup / Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block: Disco Heaven Joey Beltram, E-Lustrious / Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, LuvDup / Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block - The History Of Mixmag Live 2 ‎ (3xCD, Mixed, RE + Box, Comp).
  6. Zoloshura   Fedal
    The 50 most valuable Dance & Electronica Cassette Tapes for Last Week Format: Cassette ; Genre: dance-electronica Jon Pleased Danny Rampling Rave Tapes. Sold for USD on (Buy It Now) Jeremy Healy & Luv Dup - Positive (Double Tape) Sold for .
  7. Kazrabei   Moogugar
    Luv Dup Euphoria by DJ MILES &THE HOUSE COLLECTION. 37 5. Recorded Live from tape cassette. Comments. Post comment. John Johnny M Magennis 1y ago. Any Tracklisting for this set?. Eddie Repton 1y ago. Yeah, cannot reply to your comment! But pretty sure that they did a residency at Rise @ Leadmill in Sheffield around 95, loved em and the.
  8. Nikree   JoJole
    PHIM BỘ HAY - Mới nhất - Hành Động - võ thuật - Hình sự - Cờ bạc - xã hội đen - Võ Thuật - Kiếm Hiệp - Tâm Lý - Tình Cảm - Chưởng - Cổ Trang - Thần Thoại - Viễn Tưởng.
  9. Mikinos   Jusho
    Gareth Sommerville, Zammo, Paul Wain, Jon Pleased Wimmin & John Digweed Live @ Rhumba () John Digweed Magic Touch ( John Digweed Live @ Bangkok Coventry ( John Digweed Live @ Verbeer Manor WIlland UK ( John Digweed Liverbird Productions Mixtape ( John Digweed & Luv Dup The Positive.

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