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If not — haha! Hello fellow humans! Life has been very busy over the past month or so hence the lack in blog activity. I however, do not want to talk about it too much in this post; I just want to share a not so pleasant experience we had with a person that came to sit and develop spiritually.

In April, a person started coming to sit with us in our circle. They started well and seemed to have a natural connection to Spirit and they were enjoying the information that Spirit were giving to them.

Things were going well and they started to make some good progress in circle but after only a few weeks, things started to change. They started to think they had outgrown our other circle members and our circle leader too. I do however know that this person was approaching their connection and work with Spirit from a personal, glory hunting view.

Basically, it started to become all about them. They asked if they could make an announcement at the start of circle after about a month of coming frequently so our circle leader let them say what they wanted to say. This is all seemed rather incredulous to me as it had only been 5 weeks into them sitting in circle and they wanted to write a book about these amazing premonitions.

The physical part of my brain was telling me, bullshit. What a load of crap. Things will become clear in the end. But the main issue for me is why it would be happening to them, if it was happening at all. We all have psychic capabilities and we have all foreseen something happening — good and bad — in the not so distant future but they claimed it to be happening to them every night in their dreams. But why would Spirit show someone all this tragedy and strife every night, the night before it happened, if there was no way we could do anything to change or prevent it?

Just to make me sad? Reluctantly, he agreed and they worked platform together at a local centre. Unbeknown to our circle leader, this person had a friend take a picture of the pair of them working platform and later that evening, they went home and cropped our circle leader out of the photo and used it to tell everyone on their Facebook that they were now a certified medium offering readings and healing services at churches and centres anywhere.

They then proceeded to claim that they were also a medically intuitive medium who could see the illnesses and ailments of the people they met and then Spirit would tell them what they needed to take in order to relieve or make themselves better, without seeking the advice of a doctor or specialist.

And providing the intention and the inspiration is right, mediums, healers — heck, anyone — can spread a lot of love and joy to those who struggle to find none. It is about more than just ourselves — and the things we want and desire for us. I wish this person the best for the rest of their journey and life, I really do. There are better things to chase Me And My Loved Ones do if it is money or glory that we seek. Then on Friday, I worked with a very dear friend of mine and we always have fun when we work together so this week has been brilliant — exhausting but brilliant nonetheless.

I used to have a guide for every different thing but as it turns out at the moment, my doorkeeper is working exclusively with me. Each time I work with Spirit, they show me something different and they have a magical way of proving themselves to their loved ones at times.

But the magic that ensues the love and light of Spirit is one of a kind …. Peace, love and light everyone. I have been very lucky of late, because most of my stress was a result of my busy life learning and growing. They have really helped me appreciate Spirit from a different way. Late at night, she would wake up and just see a huge black shadow where her door should have been.

Her daughter had also been seeing the same thing in her room and had also been behaving rather uncharacteristically. And whilst the lady was downstairs one day, she fell asleep on her sofa watching the television and awoke to large hands round her throat — but there was nobody there.

Anyway, when we were called there, we all immediately felt the negative energy and decided to get straight to work. Keith always brings along his Spirit Voicebox to these clearings so that Spirit can come and communicate through it so that everyone can audibly hear them.

The box turned out to be quite soothing for the lady — with a lot of her loved ones coming through for recognition for her, so whilst she was talking to it — we cracked right on. We went straight upstairs where the energy was reaching its peak and Tonia and I started to fill the area with as much loving energy as we could. When we saw his physique and saw history of how he was treated we had to take a different approach.

I asked him to just show himself — his true self — to me. So, he did just that — he showed himself to me. And my gosh, he was rather intimidating; a little scary in fact.

He stood about 7ft tall and he was as wide as your standard door frame. But his face was all disfigured as if he had either been in an accident or had some sort of illness when he was little that scarred him. And I even felt his breath as he looked down at me — and it was putrid. But I was determined to prove to him what I said we were there to do. He even regressed to when he was young and innocent whilst his mother came to collect him.

The thing that I love about house clearings is we work with a very different kind of Spirit energy — more often than not, they are just troubled souls who cannot let go of their earthly fears and worries and we come to help change their stand point and help them find their release.

Doing the clearings have showed me how much I should always be working on my mediumship — love is the key and helping to show that it continues past an earthly attachment brings much comfort. But helping those that have had that love link severed feel it again is priceless and the true gift of Spirit. And hopefully, I will be able to continue developing and sharing that love of Spirit to whomever and wherever it needs to be.

Since people have found out about my interest in Spiritualism and my being a medium and now Me And My Loved Ones practitioner, more and more people have come to ask me questions of what I experience, what happens and general curiosities of what Spirit is and does.

I have several theories of my own about the unknown mysteries of the Spirit World and all its mechanics but I have no way to prove if they are right or not. But a common theme that I have noticed with everything I have read so far is sometimes, blind faith and acceptance can be very foolish. As wonderful as it is to learn with Spirit and to work with them and become more and more accustomed to the Spirit World, we all live in the very human, physical world and as such, we Me And My Loved Ones approach our lives from a scientific perspective — that is, to question.

To already accept you have found it is foolish. For example, some spiritualists say that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason and I honestly cannot whole heartedly believe that.

My first question is: what reason? Then by extension, it includes people who are "like family," such as really intimate friends and atypical family members such as "special friends" or same-sex "significant others.

In the funeral-home or mortuary "industry," the "loved one" is a euphemism for the deceased. US English, Palestinian Arabic bilingual. The grammatical classification of "loved" here would be past participle.

A "participle" is a verb form used as an adjective. A past participle is used passively the action of the verb is performed on the modified wordwhile a present participle is used actively the modified word is performing the action.

I disagree. The part of speech is participial, but the past participle that is used in the present perfect is not used with "to be. What you describe holds true for "I have loved" and "I had loved," but Me And My Loved Ones "I am loved. I would not call "loved" in this situation a past participle. To be such, it has to be part of a verbas it is in "I have loved. To me, the "past participle" is a form of a verb, and its definition as such is independent of the various functions that it can complete.

Since the form is consistently the same regardless of the function, I find it suitable to use one name to describe it - if for the sole purpose of facilitating the process of explaining it to learners. The term that happened to have been chosen was "past participle.

Perhaps not, but it's what we've got, Me And My Loved Ones. In the end, though, it's just a question of nomenclature. We all know what we're talking about. Hi, I have a question, is it fine to use the term loved ones as singular? California; Princeton, NJ. Singular works.

Myridon Senior Member Texas. Thank you for your reply, is the singular form "loved one" fairly common in AE and BE? I see nothing uncommon about, "Why's he sad? Thank you again for all your comments.


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  1. Vurg   Morr
    Nov 08,  · Me And My Loved Ones · The Ghost ℗ Tam-Tam Media Released on: Music Publisher: SGAE Auto-generated by YouTube.
  2. Mezilkis   Dijind
    Mar 16,  · When I realized that loved ones (my year-old parents, my brothers, cousins, and aunt) might not realize how dangerous it is (for some of them and all of us) to be out and about right now, I.
  3. Fenrisho   Moramar
    For myself, my opening line is: “Divine Spirit, spirit guides, friends and loved ones in Spirit ” because for me, my perception of God is not that of a Holy Father, or a Creator, or even Jesus Christ but it is a familiarity to that of The Spirit World.
  4. Faushura   Tajinn
    One night, I sat on my bed with my Bible open, crying out the raw emotions of grief. Then I sensed Deb behind me, her hand on my shoulder – letting me know she was okay. I did not actually see Author: RJ Thesman.
  5. Nesho   Nik
    5 Common Signs From Our Deceased Loved Ones You aren't imagining it. You really can (and do) get messages but most of us miss the signs from our deceased loved ones. Receiving signs is irrefutable. According to Bill and Judy Guggenheim in their book Hello From Heaven!, MILLION American's have experienced after death communications. And.
  6. Aranos   Goltijora
    Jan 11,  · "But we loved with a love that was more than love— / I and my Annabel Lee— / With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven Coveted her and me." — "Annabel Lee," Edgar Allan Poe "I lov'd thee from the earliest dawn, / When first I saw thy beauty's ray,/ And will, until life's eve comes on, / And beauty's blossom fades away; / And when all.
  7. Shakagami   Maunris
    Can someone explain to me which would the correct form of ones in this statement. Have family members stated it took too long to respond to their loved one's/ones' complaints? I know it would normally be one's but because of the "their" before "loved" I just was unsure if that would make it multiple loved ones which therefore would be ones'.It just does not look correct though.
  8. Kagataur   Mezicage
    Aug 17,  · By the way, using a home care agency is something to contemplate in all cases where your loved one is being reimbursed for long-term care expenditures. For example, the Worker’s Compensation (or a court) may be reimbursing for a work-related injury that your loved one may have sustained. 5- Indirect Paymeny Via a Tax Credit.

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