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Old Georgie Buck - Various - Hollerin (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Old Georgie Buck - Various - Hollerin (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Rounder Records - ROUNDER 0071 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •

I must say, if there were an historic contest to judge the best pairings of these instruments, the Myers brothers would finish in the upper echelons, but I would not want to be one to pass such judgment, for any decision would be certain to cause a ruckus. Fulton, with fiddle on chest, offers a bowing style with great rhythm and time, Sidna right there with him, with astoundingly beautiful tone, sounding like he is striking the strings in the sweet spot where the neck joins the pot.

A note on pitch here; the brothers were not constrained by a tuner of any sort, but they are fairly close to concert pitch, playing this piece near G instead of what we understand as A-standard.

Perhaps this slightly lowered pitch abets the lush and rich tone both musicians have. I can easily visualize them playing this for a house dance, where the music and rhythm are so contagious that no one is left sitting. They seem to be a tad higher-pitched on this one, getting closer to A In this manner we are getting a feel for how they felt like playing the tunes, the order as they came to mind or perhaps as they were requested by Peter.

At this point, Sidna and Fulton retuned again, to go into the key of D. While everyone in their region of the country plays this piece, it seems that no two settings are exactly the same.

While being a classic example of the regional style, it still bears their personalities on it. Getting this far into this CD, the thought that kept recurring is that Sidna and Fulton Myers are a sheer joy to listen to. Their exuberance for the music comes across the speakers and the intervening years with no trouble. Like aural poetry. The Myers brothers give us only one part of what I have heard more often as a two-part melody.

I absolutely love how Sidna and Fulton Myers sound together. They could be a model for anyone wanting to learn how the banjo and fiddle can fit together so seamlessly. I am extremely pleased that this beautiful collection has been made available. I still would like to learn more, so anyone with additional information, please share it with me and the rest of us.

Posted by Jillem on Thursday, February 27, Newer Post Older Post Home. Search This Blog. Amigos De Musica "Take a trip around the globe and enjoy music from all corners of the Earth. Prince Far I " For one of the noblest things a man can do is to do the best he can, yeah John Storm Roberts "I don't care how esoteric it is, but it's got to be terrific. Enter Mr. Hamilton, Hines] Brisk- paced, romance-oriented toe-tapper i could go somewhere for the Lovelites.

Ham- i ilton, Hines] Bandera disks are dis- tributed by U. Records, S. I Michigan Ave. Could go places. Feeling- ful vocal by Donald Height could make the side a winner. The tempo change transforms the song from a pretty ballad into an infectious toe-tapper. Could be an attention-get- ter. Lovely orchestra and chorus single.

Throb Ork- ing gives the side extra impact. Powerful build could make this side happen. The hard beat and soul work could spur a pop response in addition. The beat could lure a sizeable teen market. Could be much heard via pop, soft-listening and blues outlets. Nice, rich vocal by Brendan Hanlon. Could do something. Might see action for Chris Carpenter.

Keep tabs on it. Ash- ford, Crosson] Could be a sizeable number of spins on tap for J. Heard as a result of this soul-filled, slow-to- medium -paced dance item. Groovy vo- cal by Heard. Scan it. The organ continues to be fea- tured throughout the song, providing an interesting contrast to the rock sounds. Side could happen. Give it a listen. Could see some action. Could make noise. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to send me a copy of lyrics which I feel are some of the most beautifully written I have seen in some time.

Please accept my congratulations on a musical presentation extremely well done. Jack R. Shortly thereafter, co-stars Barbara Bain and Martin Landau made a series ol tele- phone calls to deejays throughout the nation. However, you will likely blow your mind when you listen to it. Your mission: Determine how many plays this record will stand.

Dot received numerous gag replies, ac- companied by ashes and bits of shat- tered vinyl. The merchandising de- partment played their part with dis- plays, directed toward holiday shop- pers, at key retail outlets. Besides LP give-a- ways, a grand prize of a Honda will be presented to a winning listener in each area.

In addition, several thous- and packages of unique animated matches are on order for mailings to opinion makers every where, in an effort to maintain the momentum. Columbia Roy Rogers Andre Kostelanetz. Columbia Henry Mancini. Columbia Al Caiola U. Al Hirt. Columbia Hermanns Zavala. John Davidson. I recommend that a monument to your greatness be constructed, in your time, so that all, the knowing and the un- knowing, be ever aware of the magni- tude of your contributions to music.

In your time you have been an eloquent spokesman for jazz and you have been responsible for recruiting countless thousands to the fold.

Your track record of successful dates more than qualifies you for your present situation. Listening to some of your vintage sides, it seems impossible that you could have become even better than you were.

I could have said pro- motion man, but what Dick does goes beyond promotion. He should be given a sabbatical from his regular job so that he could write a primer, which, in turn, should be required reading for all people in the record business who con- cern themselves with developing good relationships with anyone who, in any capacity, handles their product.

Not hav- ing heard you play in several years I must confess I had forgotten what a marvelous player you are, and you are! My wish for you is that you have the opportunity to play more local engagements so that the many, instead of the few, will be kept mindful of your beautiful music and your beauti- ful person. Once there, your long awaited arrival would become a matter of fact, an arrival that would have a very salutory effect on what makes it for the young, rec- ord-buying public, whose devotion to recordings that would seem to have a sameness about them could stand some kind of musical relief.

Seldom have I met anyone who devotes himself so completely, so unselfishly to the art of jazz. To the radio stations around the nation who program jazz on a regular basis, I salute you and I wish you continued success in your undertak- ings.

To the many more radio stations who can, but refuse to, program jazz I suggest you re-evaluate your pro- gramming policy, particularly with an eye to your responsibility to the listen- ing audience. For this oversight I beg their indulg- ence and their understanding.

How- ever, to all people who devote them- selves to jazz, either actively or in a passive manner, I wish for them what they would wish for themselves, in the hope that when these wishes come to fruition the world of music, and jazz in particular, will be richer as a result.

To GARY BURTON, one of the more musically adventurous members of the young jazz performers, stay with your thing, and, above all, main- tain your belief that the new has a direct relationship with what has been before. Your sense of logic and form fortifies that point of view.

Your music, like that of only some of your colleagues, affirms the attitude that freneticism and chaos can be ex- pressed in music without sacrificing a sense of order and discipline, each of which is the hallmark of a profes- sional musician who recognizes his obligation to his craft.

The promotion is expected to go into high gear about June, when the artist graduates from Sarah Lawrence College and will be available for full-time career work.

A saturation campaign will be in effect in this trial run, to include at least four television shows and far spread press coverage. Radio interviews are slated and a visit to Milwaukee and several cities in Indiana are planned.

Preparing for the full-time entry into her show business career, Lesley Gore has arranged for Rogers, Cowan and Brenner to serve as her national publicity agency. She has also signed with Management Three, a New York talent counsel, whose Marty Kummer has worked toward building the act debuted in Chicago. The label, a division of Mercury Record Corporation, thinks so highly of the two-man, two-girl Collage that it has, among other things, completely outfitted them with costumes and pur- chased for them an expensive P.

An extensive promotion, publicity and advertising campaign is being initiated and a cocktail party is planned for sometime in January on the West Coast to introduce the group. In addition to the basic film produc- tion, CFP is gearing up its operations to service its films to the more than sixty TV stations in the U. The PMS portion of the library in- cludes albums which have been used to great extent by TV and Radio sta- tions and advertising agencies as pro- gramming aids.

The OK and PM music has been used as a film library service by editing and dubbing houses. Byrd and Jodi, has been together a little less than a year. Miss Byrd in club singing and Jodi in musical comedy.

Alpert is posed with Betty and Debbie Frenkiel. Dave Lucas was one of the first musicmen to make extensive use of mod sounds in commercials, and has continued to advance advertising from the age of the jingle to the era of condensed rock spots. Since the opening success of themes for Alka Seltzer, Diet Pepsi and a series of other products, advertisers have opened the doors to inventive music figures from the new scene.

Not only is a tremendous amount of new material being bought from pub- lishers for revamping and rewording to sell a product; but a good deal of original music is coming back in in- strumental and non-ad versions for rock sales. No longer are advertisements mere- ly jingles, but a distilled pop music form which trims the current sound from three-minutes to a one-minute or less form. One of the reasons he cited for his success in boosting the updat- ing of ad music was that Lucas handles his composing, arranging and production.

Former music personnel working in advertising were basically arrangers who would set up simpler efforts used in making commercials. Lucas began as bandboy and per- former with the Buddy Rich Orches- tra, and had compiled many credits be- fore turning to commercial writing.

Things have nearly gotten out of hand since Lucas began work in com- mercial writing, and though he has been planning to re-enter pop music commitments leave little time to get back to work on a non-advertising bit of commercial work.

Both Lippert and Meyerson are closely associated with the current music scene. Meyerson is a musician who played electric piano and drums with a rock group while still an Am- herst undergraduate. Lippert, a one- time acting student and long-time contemporary music buff, spent several years in record promotion in Los Angeles before joining ASCAP. Young, knowledge- able and able to communicate with their contemporaries, Harvey Lippert and Mark Meyerson are indicative of our commitment to get the facts about ASCAP to this important new generation of composers and lyricists.

It will be these important facts that Meyerson and Lippert are to explain in frank and realistic terms. Expires March No expiration date has been set.

No time-limit. No time limit. No expiration date. No ex- piration date. Expiration date indefinite. No termination date.

SIMS — 3 free with every 10 purchased on entire catalog. No expiration date set. Commencing that night, he will be doing one show nightly, six nights a week, for six consecutive weeks. According to the agreement, Salespower will make 1, complete point-of-purchase installations in 18 markets throughout the country in one day, December The firm is now located at Seventh!

Plans call for seven albums to be released in January, which include Barretto and Santamaria. Information is supplied by manufacturers. This is a weekly, revolving list presented in alphabetical order. It is advised that this card be kept until the list returns to this alphabetical section. Bartok: Divertimento For String Orch. It is indicative of the acceptance of the concept of a national network of FM stations. Major Markets. San Francisco, the sixth major market in the U.

Alexander Smallens, Jr. Among the services which the new network will provide for its nation- wide line-up of stations are 12 five- minute daily newscasts plus special news and public affairs programs. Louis, for an audio-visual project. The deal, according to a spokesman for the group, involves the creation of a 4-LP package with four film strips and a 2 page te. Completion of the project is expected to take at least a year, at which time the book pub- lisher will distribute the audio-visual aid to school systems.

MacMillan recently offered a sim- ilar project by the Supremes, a learn- ing series on hygiene. Penney chain and 6, from E. The Montfort Mission has appeared at rock concerts with such groups as the Association, the Rascals and the Turtles. They also write a column for the St. Louis Post Dispatch and are planning a series of public service announcements for radio. Happy Birthday, Mr. Klein had just returned from a New York Giants football game with his wife Betty and was preparing to spend a quiet evening at home, when — POW!

I froze. Bobby Vinton came down from Toronto; TV and movie actor Tony Anthony jetted in from Rome; Ray Davis, of the Kinks came in two hours earlier than scheduled from London; British photographer Michael Cooper delayed his videotap- ing with the Beatles to be on hand — and a host of other guests including bankers and brokers, recording artists, managers, distributors, lawyers and execs from the disk firms congregated to wish Klein well.

The party began at 4 P. Klein had been with the Gerald W. Purcell Associates talent management organization where he was national director of the concert division, re- sponsible for all client bookings in all areas with the exception of tele- visioncompany sponsored promo- tions and productions for over separate engagements and packaging.

Earlier, he had worked as executive dii'ector of the 14 million dollar Balti- more Civic Center, which entailed scheduling of multi-purpose events, operational management, etc. Vernon, N. The new pubbery will be affiliated with BMI.

The artist wrote the song himself, and it has been covered by Bobby Vee. The transaction is still subject to approval of a definitive agreement by the boards of both companies and the shareholders of Spencer Gifts.

Common for each outstand- ing share of Spencer Gifts, Inc. Com- mon. It is anticipated that the ex- change will be made on a tax-free MCA Inc. Most program directors and deejays will recognize Pepper as a top producer and manufacturer of radio and television station identification announcements and commercials. Heading the diskery is 'Marty Lack- er, personal bookkeeper and secretary to Elvis Presley for the past five years. Prior to that, Lacker worked in radio as director of programming and pro- motions.

Pepper has already established a distribution system covering key cities in the country through thirty distribs. Deals are presently in the works for representation in Canada and over- seas. Gash Box had been incorrectly advised that the date of burial was Friday, De- cember Earlier in the day, from 7 to A.

At noon, a public funeral serv- ice was held in the City Auditorium, which was attended by many figures in the music world. Following the pub- lic funeral service, a private service was held at the ranch in keeping with an often expressed desire of Redding to be buried there. Bill Loeb. The two have been acquainted for about years and expect to have a strong and long lasting business ar- rangement.

Vance formerly recorded for Mercury Rec- ords under the name of Ali Baba. National distribution is now being set. Sales In 11 Mo. With just eleven singles and one LP issued in that time, the firm expects to top the 1, unit mark by the time it celebrates its first year in the industry.

Stuck in town, I wandered down to one of the recording studios, ran into Bill Traut of Dunwich Productions and he played me a newly cut tape of the Mauds, a group he was producing. Sandwiched between their takes was a foursome out of Cicero who had pre- viously cut for MGM.

They had been known as Gary and the Nite Lights. The group has since had three other single releases — all of them chart titles.

Personal involvement is not only gratifying but, from our view point, most necessary. Morris Diamond, who worked with me for four years at Mercury, shares this philosophy. Less than five months after we opened our doors, the Acta label was in the black. All regional promotion managers will report di- rectly to Alexenburg, who is based in New York.

Preceding his Date assignment, Alexenburg was local promotion man- ager for an independent record dis- tributor in Chicago. Bergman and Michael S. Gu- sick joint heads of its legal depart- ment, effective immediately. Prior to that he was in private practice for two years. Gusick came to ABC in June, LP),after working three years for a private law firm. Snuff Garrett Productions. Move was reported previously in Cash Box. In addition to stepping up activity for Viva Records, which is distributed by Dot, Garrett will continue to take on several other assignments for the label from his home base as an outside producer.

Garrett Transcontinenfal iContinued from p. It also publishes Hullabaloo Magazine, a publication directed toward the music interests of teenagers. Teen Clubs now has more than 75 franchised Hullabaloo dance centers for teen agers between the ages of 14 and The newest in this chain will open in Los Angeles this month, followed by openings in Detroit and Miami early next year.

I Sea-Lark Ent, Inc. I Noma Music, Inc. I Fortitude Music, Inc. Hi-Count Music, Inc. The promo pi'Ogram includes a con- test, buttons and extensive radio ad- vertising. Liberty has proclaimed Jan. Blank entry forms have been sent to record stores and Liberty branches and contestants will be asked to write in words or less, how they would spend a million dollars in a weekend. After the Jan. Common shares netted 66 cents, opposed to 29 the same quarter a year before.

A cash dividend of 30 cents per common share was announced last week 18on presplit stock. This is equivalent to 15 cents a share on stock after a recommended 2-for-l split approved later in the week. I will be judged and three winners, a distributor, a salesman and a dealer, will be named.

Ccish Sure Shots The Cash Box "Sure Shots" highlight records which reports from retail dealers throughout the nation indicate are already beginning to sell quantity or else give every indication of doing so. The last two groups have been con- sistent sellers for the Epic roster, while each of the first three are new acquisitions for the diskery this past year. Tom Wilson Continued from page 7 in March.

Wilson will operate from his home in Brooklyn at Waverly Avenue. Rasputin Productions will also main- tain management and publishing- branches, representing total involve- ment with artists in all areas of the music business. His records with the group help put the psyche- delic music trend in motion in A graduate of Harvard University with a major in economics, Wilson turned his talent to music when he started the Transition Records label in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Young people are playing from a total musical experience that dwarfs I the imagination of musicians who were leaders in the field even as re- t cently as ten years ago. Rasputin will try to discover important new acts that will say something different, ad- vancing the entire scope of modern popular records. The Bagatelle, lead by Lee Mason, featuring threesingers. Love should generate lots of positive feeling among a great number of record buyers.

The music was composed and conducted by Earle Hagen. Side one includes music from the U. Music spiced with Italian, Japanese, and Spanish sounds comprises side two. Watch for this one on the charts. Brimming with good spirits, the album should see a healthy amount of sales action. The six-man rock act offers particularly good harmony, rhythm, and phrasing. Four of the songs are solo cleffings hy Rankin; two are co-efforts with his wife, Yvonne; the rest are by others. An intimate performer, Rankin casts a quiet spell that should affect many listeners.

Keep an eye on this set. John Alden Jonathan wrote more than half of the songs on the album. All of them are excellent. Top track is the title song, a blues ballad which Jonathan co-wrote with Sandy Roepken and which Leigh sings solo.

The rich, warm, deep baritone of the ai tist makes for rewarding; listening. All Or Nothing At. Al- ternately buoyant and romantic, the pieces on the set feature such instruments as the bouzouki a cousin of the mandolin the. Devotees of Greek music should find this LP much to their liking.

American audiences for a decade. In this collection 12 works by McKuen are show- cased, several already recorded by other singers. The set should prove a hit among the hipsters. Jacquet on tenor sax. This intriguing jazz venture is a blend of the Afro-Cuban ihythm with the contemporary Ameiican musical idiom and is therefoie some- thing of a marriage between Memphis and Ha- vana.

The first move- ment is full of exuberant vigor; the second move- ment is slow and solemn; the third movement is colorful and romantic; the final movement is a wilfl, bacchanalian dance. Bev Bivens is the featured vocalist, and she sings with full-throated joy. This, indeed, is an LP to make someone happy.

The disk should receive widespread approbation. Erik Heller has written the words and music for all eleven songs on the LP, and he exhibits a happy facility with melody and image.

The set should serve to acquaint a large and ap- proving audience with Erik. Jazz fans are likely to go for this one in a really big way. Angus Bowes, an American sychiatrist who was also an amateur conductor, I prescribed a rather unusual therapy for himself I while on vacation in London. He hired 63 mem- I! The results, as this re- cording attests are suprisingly good.

But, whether you were on tour or home ji- with the family and friends, we sin- cerely hope that your Christmas wasas enjoyable as it could possibly have i been. May the year of be both prosperous and re-warding, and may each week in the coming 52 bring the answers to your questions and the fulfillments to your dreams.

And may the coming year bring all those pleasantries that help to make life all the more rewarding. May the road be lined with packed houses and cheer- ing crowds everywhere you go. May every record result in a Golden Guitar and may every schedule be booked solid. May that once-in a lifetime song come your way, and may each week bring another bullet. Most of all, may you be happy and enjoy yourself in '' everything you do.

Neal asks that the records of those people dealing with him be changed to the new address. Starting off the New Year with a bang will be Jimmy Dean, who opens up the schedule with 5 major net- work TV shots during a six-week period. On Feb. In addition, he has scheduled an Ed Sulli- van appearance on Mar. The pair has also been set for a series of state and county fair dates next summer with the Homesteaders.

The Phoenix flash, Waylon Jennings, has made a few personnel changes in his backup group, the Waylors, put- ting an even stronger emphasis on the Phoenix area. Seems Thompson, who is retiring from the magazine, is a strong Country Music fan and his colleagues decided to throw a surprise party for him, com- plete with some real live country tal- ent.

And, of course, the country sounds were provided for the shindig by none other than old Lonesome George, who had to leave New York almost immediately to head back to Nashville. Fiddling champeen Scotty Stoneman seven-time winner of national fiddle championships has just signed a re- cording pact with Jed Records. His first release, to be cut under the direc- tion of John Denny, is due out on Jan. This latest stint marks the 4th appearance for Kenny on the show in the past two years.

Tunesmith Larry Lee also came into N. Larry states that he will begin recruiting Nashville writers to the fold, which already boasts of a membership of over composers around the world. With 25 years of air time behind him, Collie will be responsible for all country artists with the Liberty cor- poration and produced bv Scottv Turner. The Lamb setup now covers a wide spectrum of the music, including pub.

Owens, who hosts the show in order to aid the U. Marine Corps in its yearly Toys for Tots campaign, is shown above introducing Lt. Donley of the U.

The cam- eras also venture backstage to show some of the confusion of this unre- hearsed, unproduced, spontaneous show. In sharp contrast is an exploration of Music Row in Nashville, the heart qf the multi-million dollar country music business, actually a sprawling complex of music publishers, 18 talent agencies. The recording business is the backbone of it. All the big labels are represented, and it is through the records produced there that the Nash- ville Sound is sent around the world.

May be enough left in the oldie to give it another ride up the charts. Good sales may result. Groah] May be a good turnout for Wayne Campbell and this Colum- bia stand. The easy-paced offering makes for pleasant listening and spin- ning fare for radio audiences. Lefty Frizzell could find himself making a quick re- entry into the chart picture. Feeling- ful ballad is worth a spin.

The band also handled the backup job for all of the featured performers on the bill, kicked off by Billy Gram- mer. The walloping Miss Taylor hit the stage like gangbusters and wound up walking off with a good deal of the spotlight.

Funny, sharp-witted, un- daunted and super-charged, Mary flat- tened most of the audience with a show worthy of some of our more polished stars. She highlights her act with a weird instrument known as an electric tambourine which, unfortunately. Promotion is the catalyst that ties them together.

In the U. This is very necessary because a distributor and his salesmen have only one major job, ami that is to make sure that the product that the buyer wants is in the racks of the shop or one-stop where he buys.

In other words, he IS not a salesman, because if he oversells his customers, they are unhappy be- cause product is left on their shelves and repeat business is in danger.

He also can t undersell, because the dealers, one-stops and rack jobbers then do not reach their ma. Therefore, the local distributor must have his ear glued to the local market to find out what is being playea in radio and even influence the plays by fre- quent visits to local stations, find out what is being presented in TV, find out which records are the most requested in the discoteques and juke boxes and which records are showing up in the national and local charts.

This information must be passed along to dealers so that they can order properly. But in Germany the situation is very different. Since all major manufacturers have their own distribution, the distributor only sells. And I mean only! Pro- motion is done from the central office with no basic tie between distribution and promotion. So the line-up goes something like this. The production depart- ment delivers product to a weekly meeting held with the distribution central management who then decide how many records will be pressed.

Then, the local distribution points order from samples the number of records that they feel are needed for their area, and salesmen go out and try to sell as many records of each and every single and LP as possible. The buyer of each individual shop is then left the decision as to how many of each product he or she snould stock. Recently we made a test and visited 4 major one stops in a major German market.

These one stops supply the records to leading juke box operators and discoteques in their area. The poor girls behind the counter had no idea what they were doing. They meekly offered record after record, played the new release and once again left the decision to the buyer without trying hard to influence them one way or the other.

On another record, the buyer turned down the release until he was informed by me that the record was the current U. The salesgirl did not know. A check of stocks found that top hits were sparsely stocked but the racks were full of records unknown chartwise and just not saleable, but records which the buyer for the shop happened to like.

This weak system is leading to the loss of sales which reach in the thousands to say the least. The poor girls behind the counters and the poor buyers both for tne shops and the juke boxes and clubs are not at fault.

The blame lies on the record industry here. German manufacturers must find a way to decentralize their ties between production, promotion and sales. Local distributors must be given a promotion job to do, and the information gathered must be passed along to the salesman so that he can place the records needed by the shops and one-stops.

The information is then passed on to the shops and one stops who in turn pass it on to their customers through visual or at least oral aids.

Bingles sales are way down in Germany. This may be a way to boost the sagging single record. Foreigners beware! However we have been told that these columns should point out the weakness as well as the strength of the market and these recent editorials which will continue for several weeks more are meant as a constructive aid. Now to the brighter side of the news. Christmas business was booming. All firms report record sales especially on LP product for the season.

A strong public-rela- tions action by the record industry in Geimany. May many more follow. The matter was also referred to the French courts, and the Paris Court of Appeal has just announced the sequestra- tion of all income Pathe Marconi received from the sale of Raphael recordings.

The French court ruled that the artist was remiss in his commitments to His- pavox and that Pathe Marconi could in no way deny knowledge of them. Claude Carrere, agent manager of Sheila, has just created his own record company with Philips distributing.

They were featured in the Canta Europa Show. Dimension is a new label which has just appeared on the French market. Only artist currently on the label is Gilbert Becaud. EMI will distribute in all the Euiopean Common Mai'ket countries and separate contracts will be signed with the others.

Electric Prunes currently in Paris for TV appearances. New chanteuse through President, Fauvette. Tzigane orchestra of Lajos Boross in Paris for a President recording session. But in spite of the taxing changes and with the chips down, the company has dealt itself a winning hand. If it can be assumed that in terms of volume sale only the Top Ten listings count for very much, then the major waxery is siphoning off more than half the singles trade during this profitable Yuletide period.

But, such is the demand for EMI product at present that the company has had to deploy pressings outside its own production mill. The Tamla Motown school has five albums in the indexes and the Beach Boys have three. Pye Records has at least half a dozen plums for the Christmas buyer including the recent No. A meeting between the Mechanical Rights Society and the British Record Producers Association has been set for January 4th to negotiate the rate of mechanical royalty payable to MRS on the sale of disks.

The meeting has been fixed after top level discussions between the industry leaders on both the record side and publishing side of the industry to avert a deadlock which, at one point, threatened to preclude all or most recording in this country. Ricketts for the publishers, subsequent meetings of the MRS and the BRPA agreed to extend the existing contract between the two sectors of the industry for a further six months. Thus, by extending the pact to June,the producers and the publishers have given themselves a sufficient period to re-negotiate the mechanical payments.

The BRPA would not even discuss the rise let alone negotiate on it and, for a while, it looked as if the record industry was in for a major deadlock. The manufacturers are now prepared to negotiate. Statistically, Paramor has produced a host of quai'ter million sellers and his artists have collected no less than 8 Gold Disks for million selling records.

On the production side there was a great increase on the August figure and a total of 9, records came off the presses in September as opposed to 8, in the same month of last year. From January to Septembei',production, sales and exports of records were all higher than in the corresponding period of It is with very real regret that we rei ort the death of Syd ircen, one of the best loved and most colorful personalities of fin Pan Alley.

We also regret to report the sudden death of Cyril Baker who formed Belinda London in and was. Managing Director until his retirement in December, Happy New Year and loads of prosperity to all from all those in the busi- ness in Australia. On the commerce end of things, most Australians are look- ing to a greater acceptance of Australian-produced records on the vast inter- national market.

Many Australian acts have scored very well in the past, but not with records produced in their own country. There is a great deal of good-quality Australian material available for the overseas market, but for some reason s or other most of the prominent overseas diskeries show little or no interest in this product, even though several local discs have done big sales business on a national scale in this country.

New sheet music issues from J. Copyright in the latter title is owned by Apollo Publishing, but the sheet has been jprinted and dis- tributed by J. The company was established a couple of years ago by Bryan Fehon, manages some promi- nent talent in this country.

Tony will handle publicity for these artists and will also consult with recording acts on material to cut. Some families have attended the show- ing as many as twelve times, and what is more incredible is the fact that the theatre has used only one print, the original. A suitable presenation will be made the first part of the new year a gold record.

Con- gress Center, Amsterdam. Before this live show from the R. She has never met the members of the Chorus, nor their musical director, 1 Hans Bertram and plans to see them i in West Berlin and Munich and will! Martino, who created the special, will also serve as executive producer. Arrangements have also been finalized I for Capitol to release an LP version of the show. Through Argon Productions, his in- dependent record production firm, Otis will also be active in arranging for the release of Italian and French disk product in this country.

Meetings will include new product and market- ing plans for Schwartz will also be meeting with Robert Mellin, who represents the pub- lishing interests of the Laurie Group of Companies in the United Kingdom. He also hopes his schedule will permit meetings with indie producers. Kass, who spent last week in Holly- wood in conferences with Liberty execs, said the expansion moves cover both publishing and recording fields.

Liberty presently has record com- panies in England and Germany which sign local talent and produces and re- leases the product locally. Both com- panies were formed in June of this year, and the English company has already had two Top 5 hits. The Ger- man acts have also charted regularly. London In Canada As a part of its major expansion in foreign markets. Liberty has named London Records of Canada as Canadi- an licensee.

Liberty interests in Canada will be supervised by London sales manager Dave Doucette. All Liberty labels will be represent- ed by London. Move, ef- fective at the end of this month, makes the second surprise shift for Bridge in recent months. First was at the beginning of the year when he was succeeded as managing director by Ken East and took up his appointment as joint general manager of the over- seas division.

A by-product to further publicize and develop interest in the film has been the pressing of 10, disks ini- tial pressing of the soundtrack in both English and French to be used by the company for promotional use only. This documentary is in general re- lease from coast to coast in Canada and many cities in the U. Part of his task will be to assure standards of quality, service and efficiency from CBS international manufacturing LP) erations.

CBS expects to manufacture for great- er markets in the years to come. These factors led to the creation of the new post. Benou joined CBS International in He was formerly with RCA In- ternational. Tele- gram, which has been established in Weert, St.

Maartenslaan Sales- manager: Charles Noordendorp. Timman and Jacqueline Hoes. Managing director: Johnny Hoes. To Canada. IddT was tlio YK. All through Canada Centennial year was celebrated LP) Canadians and vis- itors from all over the world.

The Canadian music industry was doiufr its share and liUiT was a land- mark vear in Canadian production. Robert J. Stone bows budget CoLA line with initial release froiu the Acadia firm.

Many of their U. Official ver- sion by Young Canada Singers pro- duced by government still top ver- sion, is distributed by Quality. Stone Ltd. Op Art label bows with initial release by the Luv Lites. Dis- tribution to be handled by Allied. Leonard Alexander Agency announces their tri-city setup with booking offices in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, Red Leaf recording artists The British Modbeats album released with sales reaching over in first three weeks.

Sir John A. Re- leases to be made each month. Compo picks up distribution rights in Canada for B. Buildings in Winnipeg. Each LP cover is a reduction of art by a Canadian ist. Starday label switches Cana- n distribution from Sparton to umbia. Laurel Records Winnipeg, e over distributorship of all Phono- c product in mid-western Canada, bert H. Sparton an- nounces an expansion of their press- ing facilities in London, Ontario.

All product to be released on the Apex label. CTL Canadian Tal- ent Library celebrates their fifth year as producers of Canadian con- tent for radio stations and more re- cently for record label.

The Tor- onto Telegram entertainment section Showcase does an in depth study of the music industry in Toronto. Columbia Records re-organizes their head office admini- stration in Toronto. Proceeds to go to Indiaii-Eskimo Association of Canada. Capitol moves into new building in Malton on the out- skirts of Toronto on. Disk fea- tures anecdotes regarding Sir John A.

Terry Mann joins Stone Records as promo manager. The publication will feature articles about Canadian com- posers and will be published in French and English. Warner Bros. Ken Middleton heads up the operation.

Mu-' simart Ltd. Polydor Records of Can- ada Ltd. Sales reachBen MePeek forms Nimbus Nine label. Laurel Records of Winnipeg becomes distributor for Sparton prod- ucts in midwest. RCA Victor an- nounces plans for a new million dollar recording studio in Montreal to be completed by July Jupiter label appoints the newly formed Barclay Ltd.

Sound Canada Recording Studios announces plans to expand to 8 tracks in Field promotion manager A1 Mair says Compo are planning an extensive promotional program to further establish the lines in Canada.

RCA Victor are preparing for their second gold record for another two million dollars of retail sales for all Monkees albums sold in Canada. The presentation is set for mid-January. Little is from Ottawa, and became known throughout the U. Povl Dissing has a new single at Sonet with two tunes from a local motion picture.

Sweden Christmas sales in Sweden were far better than anyone dreamed of, and everybody had expected it to be very high. Kjell Wigren of Edition Odeon has left the company and is temporarily being replaced by Hengt Sundstrbm, who formerly handled that job, but for the last months been engaged at the record dept, of EMI here. This office takes this opportunity to wish all friends and readers of Cash Box all over the world a Very Happy And Successful Really jjpo the Monkees, at the moment fast rising to the top, will receive a Golden Record!

He composed the title song in honor of the il Olympics to be held in Mexico. There seems to be a misunderstanding concerning the Gert Timmerman cata- log.

Bospel Music N. Iramac is planning a cooperative Project 3 set up with several other European distributors. Music Co. Asteiisk indicy. Cf ;; produced record. It is the genei-al feeling that the biggest part of air time is devoted to foreign recordings or at least recorded in languages other than Spanish, which could imply a disadvantage for locally produced music both pop and folk- tango.

Since there is a limited number of radio stations in Buenos Aires 17 for a population of about 7 million if compared with other Latin American cities or the United States, and the other means of promotion are still to be developed festivals, etc. The figure would be even greater for discotheques and night clubs, except at such places like Cano 14 devoted exclusively to tango or Nuestro Tiempo modern folk and tango. If we note that there is also a slump in sales, which is also very much worring the record industry leaders, some relationship between these two facts could exist.

And it seems to exist, indeed. Some of them are related to radio formats: the Top Forty idea does not exist in this country, and radio programming is based mainly on the promotional ideas of the producers of the spot or the records released by the companies and their interest in programming them.

Another explanation would be the appeal of radio programs that feature recordings not yet released. This could divert the attention of the listeners from the records that are available at the retailers. When the record is released, which happens some weeks after the record has been previewed, the listener has already lost interest and is looking at something new.

Since there are no radio ratings, it is at the same time very difficult to establish which are really the programs best liked by the audience and their promotional force. But there are some indications that point in the direction of the companies, too. Practically all tine top selling Argentine names appeared several years ago and have maintained their popularity.

In what is considered an ever-changing scene, this should be sur- I prising. The lack of new exciting talent could be partially responsible of the sales slump, since - customers simply have no reason to go to buy records. It is also evident that other artists will follow the move of Palito Ortega who has started production of records, and some could even get to produce their own recordings, something never seen here yet, at least from the commercial point.

Regarding radio programs, it is more difficult to fore- cast. The start of 75 new low-power stations throughout the country and the passing to private hands of 23 high and medium-power outlets, both to happen inmay change the scene and mark a modernization of the whole promo- tional system.

However, the high-pitch deejay, in the U. Basically this new label carries music of the Mercury and Fontana catalogs. The 21 releases by the Comets totally have sold 8, units to date. On December 14, the Sony Corp.

At the same time, Sony applied to the government for a license for the corporation. Sony is the first to enter into such an arrangement. Yamano Musical Instruments Co.

The techniques learned thru active competition for new locations among opera- tors has been responsible for some of the best run, best serviced, best looking equipment routes in the history of this business.

The scarcity of eager young lads climbing onto the coin-op bandwagon extends to the distributor level. A successful music and games route very often is the fruit of decades of hard work and jealously guarded by the operator.

Besides which, just how do you lend encouragement to a budding op- erator? Give him some of your spots? Tip him off to po- tential locations around town? Co-sign his notes?

Ridicu- lous! The defensive attitudes built up over the decades in the face of narrow- minded legislators and the secrecy covering who owns what location has drawn a curtain of distrust between the coin industry and the general public, resulting in both a shabby reputation AND a lack of communication among ourselves. One excellent answer to the problem of attracting fresh troops is the promotion of the favorite routeman to the top of the company, a piece of the action for good measure when the operator retires from the business.

The outright sale of routes at retirement time to new- comers is in order, although first refusal should be ex- tended to your fellow operators. Perhaps the possibility of helping a trusted employee to snap up a couple of lo- cations on his own or slice off a piece of your own route for him to service as his in addition to his regular duties with your machines is also in order. Newcomers, while offering increased competition to the present operator, also provide the stimulus for im- provement and advancement.

Their ideas can help their competitors just as much as themselves. New merchan- dising techniques lead to a more modern, sophisticated conduct of business and in this area especially we are sorely lacking. Rather than recommend recruitment of new operators, we feel the best approach would be to encourage toler- ance of would-be applicants to the trade. An open industry is a healthy, trusted, respected industry and part of the American way of life which should be defended and protected.

The new four-player game has top rollover buttons and the advance can- non ball feature that increases scoring values of all rollovers and four-jet bumpers, when the ball is at the top position. It also lites the center target to score ten times reel value and when the left roll-up is lighted the player scores an extra ball.

The left roll-up feature also permits back to the top of the playfield action scoring big points. Aside from actual play connected features. Jolly Roger offers an eye- appealing cabinet trimmed with stain- less steel moulding on the front door and frame. Optional — single, double or triple chutes are available with individual lift-out coin trays.

Meets For Jan. Louis, Missouri, having received his bachelors degree and law degree from Washing- ton University in St. He is currently practicing law in Springfield, Illinois with offices in the Ridgely Building.

Prior to opening his own firm, Gain was assistant states attorney in Sangamon county. Louis Bar Association. Seeburg LeasesSq. Plant In Elk Grove Village, LP) Brinkman, President of J. Corporation, has announced the open- ing of a branch office for the distribu- tion of Wurlitzer Phonographs and allied games and vending lines in East Hartford, Connecticut. To celebrate this event, J. Refresh- ments will" be served. Address of the new J. Seeburg field engineer Jim Keenan conducted the session, which was held in the World Wide show- rooms.

More than thirty operators and servicemen from the area attended and many comments were made re- garding the fine presentation and the method in which the class was con- ducted. Of course, the real trooper here was Jim Keenan, who carried on beautifully despite three broken ribs suffered in a recent auto mishap! Microwave Oven Line To W. A product of the Raytheon Company, the oven reported- ly has the greatest space capacity in its class. In its industry fore- casts forBurnham partner and industry analyst, Philip A.

Music was provided by Jim- my Vincent and his orchestra. All offices are air LP) tioned. Eight loading docks are main- tained to insure expedient incoming and out-going traffic. Miss Lillian K. Several factors which attribute to the true growth profile of this industry are : 1. Products sold by vendors are con- sumer necessity products. Growth rates in earnings have av- eraged 15 per cent per share over the last five to ten years. Excluding the current year, a continuation of this growth is a reasonable expectation for the next five years.

The industry services four major markets — hospitals, schools, indus- tries, commerce, but saturation is low in all these areas. The hospital and school markets are approximately 20 per cent saturated at present and are growing at a rate of almost 25 per cent annually. The vending industry is marked by no product obsolescence or major technological change. In cyclical down-turn, the indus- try out-performs most other indus- tries. In sum, says the Burnham analyst, the vending industry offers a high rate of growth, significant cyclical protec- tion, and has relatively attractive and predictable earnings.

Merchandisers Handbook No.


Mapping The Future - Terry Devine-King - World In Action (CD), Runaway Pony - Duane Eddy - The Very Best Of (CD), Ono Ne Ji Jeun Oku Re - Comfort Omoge* And Her Asiko Ikale Group - Comfort Omoge And Her Asiko Ikale, Leif Garrett - Runaround Sue / California Girls (Vinyl), Lunatic - Agathocles - Destroy To Create (Cassette), Jack Jones - Bread Winners (Vinyl, LP, Album), Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) - Various - Club Cutz (Vinyl, LP), Crazy - Neil Diamond - Primitive (Vinyl, LP, Album), Soul Serenade - Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (Vinyl, LP, Album), (Thin) Blue Line Swinger - Yo La Tengo - Camp Yo La Tengo (Vinyl)


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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Hollerin' on Discogs. Label: Rounder Records - • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Hollerin' (, Vinyl) | Discogs.
  2. Sagami   Arashikinos
    Leonard Emanuel Old-Timey Holler/Ditty A2 –Leonard Emanuel Old Georgie Buck A3 –Leonard Emanuel The Whale Swallowed Jonah A4 –H.H. Oliver Distress Holler Song/Getting Up Holler/How Dry I Am/Amazing Grace A5 –H.H. Oliver Rafting Logs Down Neuse River A6 –H.H. Oliver Hollerin' On The Way To See A Girl/Lulu's My Darling/Calling Cows, Mules, Hogs A7 /5(9).
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    Nov 30,  · Old Georgie Buck. by Leonard Emanuel. Old Georgie Buck by Leonard Emanuel. To this day, it remains the only album my parents said I could not play in the house. As an adult, it feels like a lost gem. I dreamed about it, and woke up wanting badly to track down a copy. Glad I found a copy used. Hollerin' features the unforgettable /5(9).
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    Old Georgie Buck: 3 Distress Holler/Stopping A Rabbit With A Holler/Old-Timey Holler: Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; Various: Hollerin' ‎ (LP) Rounder Records: US: Sell This Version: Reviews Add Review [r] Release. Edit Release All Versions of this Release New Submission.
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Hollerin' - Leonard Emmanuel on AllMusic - - With so many music publications publishing lists.
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    Old-Timey Holler / Ditty; 2. Old Georgie Buck; 3. With so many music publications publishing lists of records various people would want to have with them in lieu of contact with the rest of civilization or in case of some other extreme emergency, the time has to come to figure what type of album might make all such collections obsolete Price: $
  8. Tojaktilar   Tauzil
    GEORGIE BUCK by The Bass Mountain Boys, Eugene Chadbourne, Jim & Jennie and the Pine Barons, Chris Jones, Dink Roberts, Doc Watson. OL' GEORGIE BUCK by Taj Mahal. OLD GEORGIE BUCK by Leonard Emanuel (on an amazing Rounder collection called "Hollerin'").
  9. Akigis   Dainris
    Here the album gets released on CD for the very first time, with each of the original three tracks being given the re-master treatment. Of particular interest is thrillingly epic opener "Range", a minute epic in umpteen parts that's like free-jazz it it had been made by punk-rockers, though the intense and squally horns of "Black Horns.

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